Left Behind Series

I know I’m about 10 years late to the party, but I just started reading Left Behind. Do you remember that series? In brief summary, it is a novel about society after the rapture. More simply, it is the story of a few people and their journeys after a significant portion of humans simply vanish into thin air (transport magically to heaven). I didn’t know it was quite as “preachy” as it is, but at 100 pages in, it’s at least entertaining. Knowing that it is written by a conservative Christian preacher makes it a little more palatable to me, even though I do not agree with everything they write (there are two authors).

left behind

What I find most interesting is the translation of their message (“repent and be saved”) into a novel that is interesting to read by the average person. It’s a fantastic propaganda tool, if you can pull it off – getting your message, whatever it may be, through to an audience, especially a very large one, through an easy-to-understand and possibly even enjoyable means.

Lastly, I bought the book on a whim at the cutest quintessential used book shop in North Park. It was small, had high wooden shelves of all kinds of books, comfy chairs, two cats roaming about looking for open laps, and a couple of friendly, nerdy, middle-aged women working. There was a narrow staircase leading to another section, and LOTS of people coming and going (browsing books, selling their used books to the store, picking up orders, or enjoying their coffee while reading). I paid $6 for this book, and I’m sure I could have gotten it for $.01 on Amazon, but I’ll take it back to that store when I’m finished and maybe get #2 for another $6. If I enjoy the next 300 pages of #1.


4 responses

  1. I read those books when I was in high school and just devoured them. Theologically, they’re pretty much worthless, but as fiction it’s super fascinating!

  2. The end of the worlders have been making these predictions and calculating dates ever since the first century AD. Every time they fail – and even if they were right, having a faith only so that you can be saved seems a curiously inappropriate way of expressing what Jesus appeared to be saying.

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