New Toy!

As if we didn’t have enough bikes in our house already (no, I’m not going to say how many), we added a new one to the collection last night! We have been shopping for a new (used) road bike for me so that I can go on N’s weekend training rides. She rides 40-60 miles on Saturdays, and that’s a long time to be out on your own on a bike. Plus, I’ve just finished my Marathon Mania 2013 (I ran 12 marathons in 12 months to celebrate my 30th year…more on that later), and wanted to shift away from running to something that would upset my rickety old joints just a little bit less. After browsing Craigslist for many weeks, checking out a few bikes that would NOT fit the bill (did someone say “sticky shifter?”) and biding our time, we found this little gem yesterday:

FUJIIt’s a Fuji Roubaix in case anyone is interested…and it’s pretty. That’s what mattered the most to me. Well, that and not having sticky shifters. Or sticky anything really. Now I just need to dig out those super-flattering spandex with the built in diaper…


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