Dog Cookies

This weekend I baked cookies for my dogs. Does that sound as insane as I think it does? I mean, Milk Bone seems to have this system dialed, so unless you have a dog with food sensitivities, picky palate, or an extremely tight budget, baking your dog cookies must be either an exercise in futility or evidence of extreme boredom, right? Luckily, our dogs don’t seem to have food allergies or other issues except for the fact that if Mabe doesn’t eat every 6-8 hours, she throws up. Clearly they don’t have refined taste, because they not only eat all of my vegetable trimmings that I toss them in the kitchen (bad mom), Cookiesbut they are supremely delighted when they discover anything edible on a walk. Candy wrapper? Score! Banana peel? Yum! Cat Poop? WINNER! And back to the budget thing, I’m pretty sure it’s less expensive to buy cheap dog cookies at the grocery store than it is to buy the ingredients to make them, but I’m not curious enough to calculate the difference.

Anywho, the recipe was super-simple: Whole wheat flour, oats, peanut butter, and water. The dough was much more sticky than any cookie dough I’ve dealt with, but it was manageable. I rolled them into little balls and pressed them out into circles. Then I used a fork to make that cute peanut butter cookie crosshatch on them, because clearly I’ve lost my mind. They turned out a little more like crackers to me (crispy, airy), and they taste pretty bland. However, the dogs think they are SUPER. Given their extremely low standards, I will only give myself a silver star sticker this time.

Moral of the story: Somebody get me a baby to take care of…I have too much time on my hands.


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