Mmmmmm, donuts

N knows where I sit to eat my lunch during my break from work. She also knows what my favorite tasty treat is. Today she surprised me with a giant chocolate donut! San Diego has a somewhat new shop called Donut Bar that is capitalizing on the donut craze. They make specialty donuts (including the ever-popular “Cronut”) and offer a different menu every day. While their pastries are pretty good, I have been frustrated by their method of keeping supply (very) low in order to increase demand. They are often OUT of donuts by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, and they almost always run out or close their doors in the early afternoon on weekdays. I understand that they’re making buyers work for the donuts by getting their early and standing in line down the block, but I know they could easily make more treats (for very little additional overhead) and not have a surplus, as well as more happy customers. Plus, if they do have a surplus, they can always do what VooDoo Doughnut in Oregon does, and sell them by the box full after midnight. I enjoyed several drunken donut feasts thanks to that practice! VooDoo is down-to-earth, fun, funky, and (in my opinion) the original specialty donut shop. None of this pretentious get-here-first or get-left-out nonsense for them! I’ll get off my soapbox now. All ranting aside, this afternoon’s treat was DELICIOUS, and maybe I’m just a little bitter that Donut Bar doesn’t seem to understand my 24-hour donut cravings.


Chocolate Euphoria from Donut Bar



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