Our neighbor Molly came knocking the other night to recruit us to make some ristras on the back patio. Her friend works at Suzie’s Farm and they had a surplus of chilies (peppers?) so she brought them over to hang. It’s a simple procedure, really, but I am positive our talents paled in comparison to the Mexican women who can whip them out in a matter of seconds. Molly also recruited about 6 of our other neighbors (we all live in bungalows with a shared courtyard). With glasses of wine and a crackling fire, we all did our best to string together the colorful devils.



The lighting was terrible, and I only had my iPhone, so I went back in the morning to take a few photos in the daylight. As you can see, some of the chilies had a little more “character” than others. We were all amused that our neighbor Billy’s chilies all seemed to be quite…erect.


daytime 2
N has already decided she will be gifting hers to her mom for Christmas – they have a “Make one, buy one” rule for gifts. The chilis should dry over the next few months and can be re-hydrated for recipes, or just hanged for decoration.


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