On Saturday we went to the San Diego Symphony Summer Pops series on the embarcadero. They were doing hits from the 80’s with Debbie Gibson and Sam Harris. It was very entertaining, and we got lucky with good weather…wait, no, the weather is always pretty much the same here (I say that with a slight bitterness in my voice, because I have many friends welcoming the beginning of fall with colorful leaves, hot chai, and pumpkin spiced everything).

The cover band was actually the best part. They coordinated with the symphony beautifully without overpowering the classical instruments. Debbie Gibson was, well, crazy. I mean, I’m sure if you’ve spent your entire adult life performing music, you are going to have a unique perspective. But that girl needed a cheeseburger and a hug. That is what N and I always say to each other when we see a girl (or guy) who is painfully skinny and looks like they could use a little boost of self esteem – “Somebody get’em a cheeseburger and a hug! Stat!” Also, her tone seemed off and her energy was very superficial. But I guess that embodies the ’80’s.

Sam Harris (who I hadn’t really heard of before the concert) was pretty good! He had a strong voice, and he said nice things about his young son and many other people in between songs. And of course I’m partial to the gays.


A leeeetle bit tired






San Diego likes shiny buildings.


The End.


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