I left the house early this morning to drive to work and drop the lady off at her office. Normally she takes the bus and I ride my bike, but we have a reception to go to tonight, so we drove. I parked the car and was walking the 3 blocks to my office (20 minutes early). I crossed a street where NO cars were present, and a motorcycle cop waved me over to him where he had been giving a ticket to a driver. Of course he asked for my license and I happily handed it over, not believing he would actually do anything with it. Then he proceeded to cite me for, specifically, “Jaywalking.” I was stunned, asked him if there wasn’t real crime for him to fight, reminded him that I watch at least 50 adults safely cross these streets every single day without walking directly on the white lines between corners. We watched at least 3 other people cross the street the exact same way I did while he filled out his paperwork. Meanwhile, within blocks of where I was cited for committing the crime of crossing an empty street too far from the intersection (in the officer’s mind), bikes were stolen, humans urinated on the post office walls, car windows were smashed, and drunken people brawled downtown.

The $108 minimum fine is not worth the time it will take to visit the court, request a trial date, and go back for trial, but I don’t care. It pissed me off that he is wasting time and money (mine and the state’s) to cite me for something so trivial and harmless. And I firmly believe that I did not “jaywalk” (isn’t that a derogatory term of some kind? It feels like “gypped” or “handicapped.”)

Needless to say, I’ll be disputing this citation. The “walk” signal was ON at the intersection, there were no cars present, and there is no “crosswalk” defined by white paint on the road, so the fact that I passed a few feet away from where he thought I should have is irrelevant to me. We’ll see what a judge says.

Effing San Diego cops…glad they are fighting crime and serving justice with the bountiful taxpayers’ money.


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  1. I live in San Diego, too! The cops areā€¦interesting. My name is Tay, by the way! I found your blog from your comment on one of ABM’s post and it mentioned you live in SD. I hope you are enjoying the city! Let me know if you want to hang out sometime! =)
    I’m 20 years old, studying to be a teacher, and want to be a foster mom.

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