TTC #4 is in the books!

Well, this cycle had seemingly perfect timing, insem on CD15 and 18, ovulation on CD18 (normal for me), signs of implantation 9DPO, and AF arrived right on cue at 14DPO!

Acupuncture 3 times seemed to help strengthen the cycle, if that makes any sense. It didn’t really adjust any timing or anything, but it enhanced signs and symptoms. I’ll be having acu four or more times this cycle, so maybe it will help.

Donor is traveling around the time we will O, so we’re going to experiment with freezing some donations to use at the right time. There is very little research about this, and the product (buffer allowing the swimmers to survive the freeze) is pretty new, so we’ll see if it works for us. We don’t have a microscope to see if anyone survives the freeze, so we’ll be a bit blind, but we figure there is nothing to lose.

On to TTC #5 and CD1!


Real Life Friends

So, here’s the thing. (I have a habit of starting too many conversations that way). I started this blog, because my wife (then fiancee) and I had just moved to San Diego. We were planning to get married, and then planning to get on with the process of growing a family, and I wanted to document the experience. And share it with people I don’t really know. Because that makes sense and feels right.

Not long after I started blogging, a Real Life Friend found my blog and started following. I love this person in real life, and would probably discuss these topics with him in person, but it totally blew my mind that he happened to find my blog. To be honest, it freaked me out. I wondered who else might stumble upon it. And how? We have NOT been telling many of our real life friends and family that we are trying. We know our networks will be happy for us when we succeed, but we don’t need curiosity or questions during the process.

So, in fear, I removed the TTC posts and kind of, well, completely quit blogging. I’ve just been lurking. In the shadows. No, in the sunlight. Can one lurk in sunlight? I comment on many blogs, mostly about TTC and LGBT families. But I feel like an outsider looking in.

That being said, I’ve decided to get over it and BLOG ON. If you are a Real Life Friend, PLEASE, do not start sharing our story with our other Real Life Friends yet. I am sure that they’ll all hear about us and come read these titillating posts once we are famous bloggers. JUST KIDDING. I hope that never happens. Seriously.

Anyway, anonymous internet friends, TTC compatriots, Real Life Friends, and other trolls…we’re back! Thank you for reading along! Do any of you have awkward blog/real life overlap? How did you handle it?

Have a good weekend!