TTC #4 is in the books!

Well, this cycle had seemingly perfect timing, insem on CD15 and 18, ovulation on CD18 (normal for me), signs of implantation 9DPO, and AF arrived right on cue at 14DPO!

Acupuncture 3 times seemed to help strengthen the cycle, if that makes any sense. It didn’t really adjust any timing or anything, but it enhanced signs and symptoms. I’ll be having acu four or more times this cycle, so maybe it will help.

Donor is traveling around the time we will O, so we’re going to experiment with freezing some donations to use at the right time. There is very little research about this, and the product (buffer allowing the swimmers to survive the freeze) is pretty new, so we’ll see if it works for us. We don’t have a microscope to see if anyone survives the freeze, so we’ll be a bit blind, but we figure there is nothing to lose.

On to TTC #5 and CD1!


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  1. Good luck with the freeze attempt :X Sorry this cycle was a bust but I”m so glad to hear that acu has seemed to help you! I’ve heard it is successful for many women. Fingers crossed for next try!

    • He actually ended up not traveling ON the day I ovulated, so we had one insemination that day. We didn’t end up freezing any, but we are going to need to this month, since we’re traveling the days leading up to and past O. I’ll let you know how it works. I’m a little skeptical, but would rather try than not!

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