Nom, nom, nom

You guys, look at this:


That is my MORNING dose of supplements. It’s absurd! That fistful has fish oil, a multi, Maca, and an adrenal balancing herbal supplement. In the afternoon I take more Maca, adrenal stuff, calcium, and vitamin D. Then I also drink a powder called “nourish greens” that is supposedly chock full of magical things. This is all at the recommendation of my healthcare provider, so don’t think I’m just gulping vitamins all willy nilly. On top of it, we are really pretty healthy eaters…lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, blah, blah, blah. I don’t drink coffee, I have cut back to one or two drinks per week, and we don’t eat meat. Help me out, I’m not the only one popping pills like Lind.say Lo.han here, right? Why haven’t they made a supplement called “Baby Dust” yet? Or have they…


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  1. I took loads of vitamins and herbs while TTC and pregnant. If only there were a baby dust vitamin, whoever came up with it would not only make many folks happy, but would be able to retire early 🙂

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