Really (un)important news

In no particular order:

1) Remember that jaywalking ticket I got months ago. Well, I WON. The court sent me a check refunding my $239. No explanation. Ha.

2) We finished watching Breaking Bad last night. I know it’s just a TV show, but I totally need to process it. Maybe some art therapy or something. It’s haunting me. We never really liked it, and we generally eschew violent television, but once we were in the middle, we felt like we had to finish. We still can’t figure out why so many people love it.

3) I’m not really feeling this cycle. We’re scheduled to insem on Monday, but I just can’t summon the anticipation. I think we’ll take the month off, which I’ll probably regret later, but meh.

4 I’ve been home all week because my new job starts Monday. I always have a list a mile long of things I plan to get done, but then relaxing seems more logical in the moment. I have been working on a Christmas stocking. It’s taking forever (see below).


That’s all the news that is fit to print in our lives!



13DPO ticked by and I didn’t get too hopeful. That is normal over here. 14DPO crept up and all day long I waited for AF to show up, but there was no sign of anything. I also had no signs of success, so I was not too hopeful. I go.ogled “BFP after NO signs” more times than I’m willing to admit. When dusk came on 14DPO, we were in uncharted territory – my period almost always starts on 14DPO. We both agreed that if we got past 15DPO, we would test on the morning of 16DPO. On the morning of 15DPOe went to get coffee in Paso Robles (where we were staying that night). As we sat in the coffee shop, I told my wife that I felt crampy. Sure enough, AF reared her head about 15 minutes later.

We were both disappointed, but not super surprised. My wife commented “we were SO close!” and it made me laugh. Like we’re taking a graded exam and got a 59%, when really, this is a Pass/Fail exam – you make it or you don’t.

Thus concludes the titillating story of Try #6. I went in for CD3 blood work today, and they included a thyroid panel. So, maybe we’ll find out some news about why it hasn’t worked. In other good news, just 3.5 days of work left in this junkbox. Then I have a week off before starting the new job.  Hooray!