And then, everything changed.

I’m going to make this quick and dirty. We moved to San Diego a year and a half ago, mainly for my wife’s job. I got a job working for a shmucky attorney soon after arriving. It was miserable. In April, probably tired of hearing me complain about work, Wife applied for a job in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is my hometown, and my family lives there. Many months passed, and we assumed the job was a no-go, but we never expected it to work out anyway (it was a big reach for her, professionally). In August I found out about a promising job opportunity in San Diego. A week later, Wife got a call about the Boulder job. I interviewed. Then she interviewed. I got an offer and accepted. In my first week of work, she got an offer. It was huge. It’s a job she’ll love, in my favorite place. She accepted.

We always thought we might move to Colorado eventually, we just never thought it would be NOW.

In two weeks, we are packing up the house and dogs and driving it all to Boulder. I’m keeping my job here, because it’s a very good job, and I love it. I’ll be a “super commuter,” meaning I fly out Sunday night or Monday morning and fly home Friday evening. Some weekends, my wife will come here, because she loves San Diego, the beach, and being warm. I’m renting a room near work, where I’ll keep some clothes, my bike, and a few other items. Everything else, including my heart, will be in Colorado.

How to make a baby when you’re in different states 5 days a week? We haven’t figured that out yet. We have one cycle/try left when we’re all still in California, so maybe our stars will align and it will work. If not, we’ll likely have our donor make donations at a bank for use in the next several months, possibly in CO. We hope that I can work at least part-time from my company’s Denver office, or find a new job in Boulder. And once we are pregnant, we’ll be actively working to figure out how to get us all in one state full time. I just don’t want to tell my employer that yet, because I’ve only been there a month and I don’t want them to feel like I have one foot out the door. Even though I kind of do :/

In other news, using “directed donation” through a sperm bank is a scam. They charge thousands to test and evaluate the person you’ve chosen to be your donor. I understand a few STD and infectious disease tests, but a physical and family history? We’ve got that covered, thanks. It irritates me a lot.


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  1. STD and infectious disease screening makes sense. A directed donation should only include those things. Ideally you screen the family history before you ask someone to work with a bank as a directed donor I’d think. I wonder what their reasoning is. Maybe they were screening him to see if he met their requirements for being a normal donor (if he would be interested?)?

  2. Crazy crazy ladies. I would never be able to do the long distance thing, not going through ttc that’s for sure. The directed donor thing is a total bust. We looked into it too when we had a friend who was going to donate, it’s such BS, you could pass him off as a sex ul partner and they won’t do the quarentine.

  3. WOW! That sounds like a lot! Good for you guys for being able to make that work. I don’t know if I can be away from my honey for so long. it’s bad enough when I work 2 overnights a week! Hopefully, you’ll all be together soon…best of luck on the move! Moving is crazy and it blows!

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