Last Christmas season, one of the things that troubled me the most about Southern California was the lack of snow. It’s hard for me to feel festive looking at Christmas lights on palm trees. I know a lot of people would forego the snow forever to enjoy sandy beaches year round. I’m not one of them. It was such a treat to get to cross country ski two weeks ago when Boulder and the nearby mountains got a bit of snow. We randomly chose a spot near Nederland and were lucky enough that much of the trail had already been broken. We layered clothes and prepared for our first trek in two years. Being out of practice, we forgot to pack a couple of cans of beer for our midway break. Next time. About five minutes into our glide, the wind was really battering us. I was leading, and I felt disappointed that the wind might be the cause for a short, quick trip. I nervously turned around to see how miserable Natalie looked, fearing that her beach-loving, sun-soaking spirit would be cowering from the whipping gusts that were pummeling us head-on. As I turned around, I saw her grinning like a goon, sliding gracefully along the snow. Turns out she likes cross country skiing more than she hates being cold. I high-fived myself. We ended up skiing for about two and a half hours. Not sure how many miles we covered, but we both noticed how much quicker we travelled when we didn’t have beers to sip while on breaks. Weird. The trip was a treat. I think we’ll try to go again this Saturday, depending on how awesome I feel after driving from SD to CO on Thursday/Friday. We have one last load of things that I kept in California with me that we don’t need here anymore. We looked into shipping, flights, etc. and this makes the most sense, as insane as it may be.

image image

One last exciting note is that I will have my consultation/physical with the LA RE on Monday. I’m hoping I leave the appointment feeling optimistic and like we are making progress. I’m tired of feeling like we are in limbo, both in life and baby making.

A belated happy new year to the blogosphere! I hope this year brings healthy births to those that are preggo, and positive tests to those who are not yet!

p.s. Blogging from an iPad is miserable, no?


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  1. As someone who grew up with Florida Christmases, SNOW ALL THE WAY! There’s nothing as depressing as putting on the air conditioning for Christmas. I’m sure one can get sick of snow, especially in the Midwest, but I’ll gladly trade for a few years. 🙂

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