“You have a beautiful uterus”

Said the 60-something male RE as he maneuvered his ultra sound wand up my vajay. I stuttered, “thank you, I think” in response, which made his nurse laugh.

Yesterday I had my consult in LA, and the doctor asked about a dozen questions about my history and general health. I told him about our at-home ICI’s using fresh donations over the past year. He was unconcerned and stated he though that it was insignificant. I estimated that about 3 of them were timed pretty well, and the other 3-4 could have been close. In his office he let me know that we could not try this cycle, because I’m on cd 13. I responded that I expected that and we hoped to try next cycle. Once we were in the ultra sound room, he looked at my follicles and changed his mind to say we could definitely try this cycle, if we wanted. He counted about 10 follicles on each side and estimated there was a 10-12mm on each side. Are they really mm? I’m going to have to look that up. It sounds huge. He thinks I will ovulate this weekend. After much discussion, the wife and I have decided to wait until next cycle, because this cycle would require some travel plan changes that we just don’t really want to deal with.

The other good news we got was that our donor’s “efforts” resulted in 14 vials from his 6 donations. I guess his volume was good, or maybe density. I don’t know how they decide how many vials to divide each donation into. That number confirmed for us that using the known donor and clinic was far more cost effective than ordering 14 vials of Open ID sperm and paying shipping and storage. We are optimistic that 14 could get us through at least two siblings, but we will reassess that when the time comes.

I was happy to hear he thought things looked good in there. And he was very happy about the size and number of follicles. Hopefully that bodes well for the future. He was completely disinterested in either an ovulation stimulant like clomid or an hcg trigger. He said your body knows best when the egg is ready. He also said an HSG was useless at this point since I have never had an irregular pap, infection, or surgery. I have mixed feelings about that, but I’m trying to trust him. They did the mandatory blood testing, so I should have those results in the next few days. I’ve already had most of them done, so I don’t expect anything too interesting. He also had me buy some super expensive OPKs. OvuQuick? Anybody use those? I don’t understand the point, but I’m trying to follow instructions (behavior that does not come easily to me).

My wife was sorry not to be there (she is in DC for a conference), but we are going to see if she can’t come to at least the first IUI next month. It will depend on work and flights. Since she couldn’t be there, I live-texted most of the appointment, describing the many people that came through the waiting room. I’ll tell you what, that place is BUMPING. I couldn’t believe the number of patients and nurses running around. I’m trying to take that as a sign that they have a good reputation and are successful in the task of making babies. I took of photo of one section the waiting area with my phone to amuse my wife, below. I felt creepy, and I had to wait until just the right moment to make sure nobody was in the photo. For your reference, this is the opposite of our taste in design 😜. Not sure what I expect a fertility clinic waiting room to look like, but I didn’t expect it to be so much like a high end bridal shop dressing room! It cracked me up.



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    • So ugly, right? I was trying not to think about how much money they spent on the waiting room…the walls were literally tufted fabric. Maybe leather? I’d prefer a sterile environment with lower cost services. But…LA. Thanks for the well-wishes!

  1. That decor is ridiculous! I’ve never heard of Ovuquick, but I swear by Clearblue’s digital OPK…the 2-month supply lasts me 4 months, since I only test for 5 days. I’ve gotten pregnant 3 out of the last 4 times we’ve tried at-home inseminations, so I think they’ve consistently and accurately predicted ovulation. Good luck going forward!!

    • That’s awesome! I think I’ll actually test the ovuquick against CBE digital. If they come up with the same surge, I’ll use CBE from then on.

      And yes, the decor was a lot to stomach! πŸ™‚

  2. I would question him about hsg. I just had one, with a pristine history, no infections, no pap issues, no surgeries and my right tube was very resistant to the dye bring able to travel out of it until it was flushed clear. So I had one tube that may have been blocked to the sperm trying to get through.

    • Yeah, I feel like I hear that a lot. And given that our at-home tries didn’t work, I kind of wonder why we wouldn’t do an HSG. I can buy one for about $700 at a local lab, so I’m not sure whether to do it anyway (even though RE acted like that was silly).

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