As I’ve mentioned, we are unsure what the next three months will look like on the TTC front here, because our sperm are stuck in LA until at least June 15th. We know with some certainty that we don’t want to try during April, because it would likely give the poor bloke a Christmas/New Years birthday. I know that it’s silly to skip cycles for that reason, but it’s important to us, so we are. That leaves question marks for March and May. I’ve just realized that March is out, because I have to attend my 20 year-old cousin’s baby shower. She and her 25 year-old boyfriend of 6 months have “accidentally” gotten pregnant (due June). Oh, and did I mention, he has sole custody over his three year-old twins who he accidentally conceived with another previous girlfriend? Many of the more traditional members of my extended family are less than pleased. I’m trying to be emotionally supportive of her, because it’s kind of a crappy situation any way you look at it (neither of them have degrees or jobs, and they live in my aunt’s basement). But I’m irritated that her emergency baby shower falls right when I will probably ovulate next month. To be completely honest, I’m also irritated that biology and the Universe have favored two completely ill-equipped individuals with a pregnancy, and all of our deliberate planning, preparation, and effort have thus far been for naught. I feel a little bit snotty writing this, but I just needed to vent it. I am sure the baby shower will be moderately miserable (aren’t they all?) and that the baby will be absolutely adorable when he arrives, but in the meantime, I’m annoyed.

Maybe I’ll have to eat my words in 9 days when we know the outcome of this cycle, haha.

In the meantime, here is a picture of one of my fur babies. He is also annoyed, because I’m taking his photo. Annoyance comes naturally to him.



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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one skipping end of March and April to avoid a potential Christmas/New Year’s baby. I figured if we had the least bit of control over the timing, then I shouldn’t saddle the kid with never having the chance to actually celebrate their birthday properly. 🙂 Even if it means skipping cycles.

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