Just popping in to say that I’m not having any interesting or positive signs this cycle. In fact, I think my boobs have deflated a bit and lost sensitivity, which typically happens a few days before my period. It should arrive Saturday or Sunday, if it does come. I’m trying to stay optimistic and remember the tales from many, many women who say they were sure their period was about to arrive when they got their BFP. I think/thought I had some pangs and cramping between 8-10DPO, but I’m 50% sure I created it in my mind and 50% sure it was the result of bean chili we made, haha.

It’s looking like the logistics of trying again using our LA RE are slim, so we will likely wait out the remaining three months of the quarantine. If my period does arrive, I’ll spend some time early next week searching for a clinic that will receive our remaining 13 vials to use in future IUIs. This also gives me a chance to log 3 months at my new job (starting Monday) so that I am eligible for maternity leave 9 months later. I absolutely hate taking ANOTHER extended TTC break (this will be our second 3-4 month break), but it seems like the reasonable thing to do. As a silver lining, it will give me a chance to get into a better workout routine, since my diet, exercise, and general health really suffered during our California-to-Colorado transition.

In brighter news, we’ve settled into our new home and I’ll be working 1 mile away. My wife works between 2-3 miles away, so we’re finally finished with long commutes. We’ve been spending a lot of time with my family, which I enjoy, but also drives me batty. My wife tolerates it pretty well. She is really enjoying training for this seasons’ triathlons, and we’re mapping out our summer music festival/race/camping schedule. It is so relieving to feel more settled and in control of our upcoming schedule.

I have my fingers crossed for those of you approaching the end of your TWW. I’m also eager to see some squishy new babies from those of you quickly approaching the end of your FORTY WEEK WAIT! And I’m really excited to hear news of “The Call” from those of you waiting to adopt! Good luck to everyone!


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  1. First, I hope you are wrong and you get your BFP in a few days.
    Second, I was never willing to take an optional break while we were trying, and with hindsight being 20/20, I wish I had. Now I think it would have done wonders for my mental health to focus on being normal and doing normal things like exercising. If you end up having a few month break, I hope you are able to enjoy the normal stuff!

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