A cruel tease (?)

Last night, on the evening of 12DPO, I got pink-tinged CM. My period arriving that early would be unusual for me. I’ve also never had any bleeding or spotting between periods. AF typically shows up at 14DPO or 15DPO. I’m very confident of the day I ovulated, so I know my count is correct.

All other signs point to AF showing up – deflated boobs, very slight cramping (or gas pains?), and no noticeable signs of possible pregnancy.

Yet, I can’t quit hoping that it was a late implantation bleed. I never felt any implantation pain, and I know it’s really unlikely, since no other signs are positive. I packed tampons and Ibuprofen in my work bag this morning. And now I’m just sitting here waiting. It feels like my period will start sometime soon, but I wish it wouldn’t! I will probably test Sunday (15DPO) if AF hasn’t arrived. I know testing now would be pretty accurate, but I prefer to find out the hard way and cling to that tiny fraction of hope in the meantime.


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  1. If you track your bbt it might be useful to see if these correlate with a drop in your bbt (bbt is okay at giving you a rough idea of you have high progesterone or have an estrogen surge).

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