Here we go again (Round 3)

Well, last I left off, our first IUI attempt (February) was unsuccessful. That procedure was performed in LA at the fancy shmancy clinic. Since then, we’ve been waiting, waiting, and waiting. First, we looked for doctors in Colorado who would pick up the torch and continue trying IUI’s with our KD spermies. No dice – everyone insisted on waiting until the spermcicles had been frozen six months to complete an (optional) FDA quarantine. Ugh. That quarantine ended in the middle of June, six months after our donor’s last donation. Secondly, we waited until my insurance shifted from “Big Name Blue PPO” to “King HMO” on July 1. The change in insurance means that at least diagnostic testing (helloooo HSG!) will be covered, as well as approximately 50% of the cost of future procedures (IUI).

I’ve never had HMO insurance, and it’s already a tiny bit frustrating. I know exactly what type of doctor I need to see, but first I have to go meet with a male GP to have a physical. Um, wut? Then, he’ll refer me (I hope) to an RE who can receive and wash the spermcicles for future IUI’s. I have to wait until July 21 to see the GP, and I’m afraid to find out how long it will be to see the RE. I’m also REALLY hoping that he does not refer me to an OB/GYN before the RE, because I don’t think most OB/GYN’s have sperm washing capabilities in their offices. <Anyone have insight on that?>

Meanwhile, I’ve been working out 5-6 times a week. My weight is the same, and I’m really not that concerned about it, but I’ve converted a lot of fat to muscle. I don’t have any marathons on the horizon, but I’ll admit that I’m constantly tempted. It’s an addiction.

As always, I’m loving reading everyone’s weekly or monthly pregnancy and baby updates! So happy to see so many healthy little ones plucking along. Also, I am really pulling for those of you who are still trying, waiting to try, planning on trying, or otherwise trying to figure out what to do!!!


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  1. I have fancy hmo. I told my doctor what RE I wanted to go to and they wrote the referral, no questions asked. Do your research ahead of the Dr appointment and go with your own suggestions. The referral thing is annoying but I like that when I need a dermatologist or specialist I can ask around and then tell the Dr who I want to see. I’ve never had any issues with it, either.
    I’ve never known anyone whose ob did sperm washing so good luck if you get sent that route!

    • Hey there! To get any benefit of my insurance, I have to go through Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. Does that sound familiar?

      How old are your little ones?

      • I know CCRM well. Dr. Surrey was our doc there. I have a 21mo old and a 3mo old. Shoot me an email and we can talk more about CCRM.

    • Hey there, when I rollover your name, it doesn’t activate a link, so I don’t know how to get a hold of you! Feel free to shoot me an email at pickeroon@gmail (dot) com if you see this!

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