Administrative Mud

We are still wading through it over here… Irrationally, it totally feels like cycles are slipping past, unused and wasted. For a BRIEF recap:

We attempted IUI through clinic in LA with new Known Donor in February.

We moved to Colorado.

Every doctor we spoke with in Colorado insisted that we wait a 6-month quarantine for the sperm donations before they would use them, and have Known Donor re-tested to ensure he has no communicable diseases. Even though one of those donations already led the charge in my ute.

We waited until 6 months passed (late June).

Now, we’re ready to get back in the game (again). New insurance, which includes some fertility coverage (YAY) started July 1. As soon as that day passed, I made an appointment with a Gen Practitioner, because this is an HMO, so I need referrals to everything. He was a lovely man, but he didn’t know what hit him when he innocently asked “any kids?” as a part of my intake exam. I unleashed four or five sentences about how we’d like some, but the sperm are stuck in LA and I need to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist ASAP to get those suckers washed and inserted, could he please write me a referral, please and thank you! Turns out, he had no idea what to do, so the appointment was a bit of a waste. He informed me that the HMO does not employ Reproductive Endocrinologists anymore, because they can make so much money on their own, they won’t stay on staff. I took my blood pressure and cholesterol stats and left. I scoured my insurance benefit booklet to refresh my memory that my coverage includes fertility testing and 50% of procedures. So who the heck is supposed to do that??

I googled the sh*t out of the HMO organization and discovered an office that supposedly has an RE on staff. I called, and luckily spoke with a nurse who understood exactly what I needed: shipping semen, IUI, baby. She let me know that the RE no longer works there, BUT fertility care for the HMO is contracted to an outside office, and she submitted a referral for me. Great!

I contacted that Fertility Clinic to make an appointment and found out that the soonest they could see me is August 31. Uuuuuugh. More waiting. The nurse was very pleasant, seemed to understand the task at hand, and sent me a bunch of forms to fill out. I raced through those forms, plus requesting my records from LA and my acupuncturist like I have never completed forms before. The Donor, bless his heart, responded immediately with his signed records release for the new clinic, so I could have his info sent from LA. My motivation to get it all done right away is that the nurse suggested that they have lots of cancellations, and if my file is complete, they will call me to bump up the consult. My fingers are crossed. I also emailed the GP to let him know what was happening and teach him about fertility care through his employer, in case anyone else asks in the future.

It feels like there is finally a light out there. I’d be shocked if we managed to get all the ducks in a row to try in the August cycle (ETA 8/16), but I can live with the September cycle. Mostly I just want to get this SHOW ON THE ROAD.

That was a long, boring, rambling post, so here is a photo of our pup in the jacket I made for her. To be fair, it’s a modified human jacket. She gets very cold at night when we are camping, so hopefully this will help. She was a good sport about the many fittings, and she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it around.

Nora 1 Nora 2


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  1. Hopefully that G will be a bit more informed now in where to direct patients needing fertility treatments. Kudos to you for your research and tenacity!! Fingers crossed you get an earlier appointment. Waiting is the absolute worst.

  2. Crossing my fingers that you can get an earlier appointment. Ugh, it’s so frustrating that they make it so much more difficult for peeps without married sperm to get pregnant.
    I’m really glad you’ll get some of this covered, though – save your money for your baby!

  3. That is a lot of hoops and hurdles, I know I’ve been there. Our first IUI was done in a medical office, the second time my wife performed at home. It was easy, and took the first try for us. Have you considered doing the insemination your selves?? It was so much nicer the second time when we could do it together in the peace of our home.

    • We did try about 7 rounds of in-home insems using fresh donations, but none took. We’re hoping to get an HSG test this round to make sure the tubes are clear. Everything else looks great – eggs, lining, cycles, etc. And good luck to you too! I hope we can follow each others’ pregnancies soon!

      • I know this sounds silly, but was the sperm okay? It sounds like you are fine, maybe the sperm wasn’t up to par?

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