August 5th

Woohoo! Your well-wishes must have worked, because the clinic called and let me know that all of my information has been received. They asked if I would like to take a cancellation appointment on August 5th. This is really fantastic news, because my next cycle will likely start around August 15th. If all my stars align, we could try that cycle.

The main question we are hoping to have answered at our initial consult is what needs to happen to have the spermcicles shipped to this office. I am relatively certain they are going to require the donor to do another blood test. He is very willing, and we’ll fork out the $800 again to the LA clinic, but then we need to arrange the tank, etc. I’m really hoping that someone knows what to do!

I also have an appointment scheduled through the HMO with an OB/GYN tomorrow. I learned from the helpful nurse that the HMO will pay for an HSG (if prescribed) when you do it through their office, but they will not pay for it if another office performs the test (exam?). SO, I’m hopeful they will give me the prescription on the 29th to use on Day 7-10 of my August 15th cycle. After 7 at-home tries with fresh donations and one IUI, I want to make sure the tubes are clear. All other tests look good – my cycle is roughly 28 days, I’m ovulating every cycle, and my hormone levels are all normal. I figure that it’s just a matter of necessary repetition, but I don’t want to waste time continuing to try if the HSG is going to show problems. Luckily, my wife is ready to rock and roll if she gets called off the bench.

I really can’t think of any photos to accompany dialogue about sperms and insemination, so here’s a picture of our friend’s dog smiling for the camera:



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  1. Yaaaay! Baby dust your way. If all the stars aligned we’ll be pregnant together. Our IUI will take place sometime this week. All this waiting sure makes you feel impatient right??!

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