Patience is Virtue

Well, either posting on wp got my uterus cranking or I just need to be a little more patient. My period showed up about an hour after I wrote a whiney post yesterday. A 30 day cycle is not abnormal for me, so I cannot complain. I promptly scheduled CD3 bloodwork at the clinic for Thursday. I had previously scheduled a dentist appointment later in the afternoon that day, so I’ll have to miss a lot of work, but that’s okay. I also called and scheduled the HSG for next week on Wednesday (CD9). My insurance company assured me that it will cost $100 out of pocket, so I’m thrilled about that news. My last insurance, while good, did not cover any fertility diagnostics or treatment, so it would have cost around $800 out of pocket.

Small forward steps feel good, even if there is nothing really exciting on the horizon this cycle. I’m also grateful to my body for having a relatively short cycle, even though it wasn’t the 28-day clockwork I strive for.

As for other bloggers, I’m loving hearing about the flurry of babies that have just been born. Post more pics of those little squishes!


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