Ultrasound, Test Results, and Bike Races

On CD3, I went in for my “baseline ultrasound” and testing at the fertility clinic. The ultrasound tech was really great, because she talked about everything she was seeing. Apparently, I have 21 resting follicles on one side and 23 on the other. The average for someone under 35 is 12 on each side, so she told me I am overachieving. She said the lining, shape, and size all looked good. The NP told me that my uterus tilts slightly forward, but didn’t talk much about what that means. She said that because my ovaries have so many resting follicles, they are large – almost twice the size of average ovaries. She didn’t say that was a problem, so I’m not going to worry about it.

The clinic did the CD3 hormone testing and called on Friday to let me know everything is great. My FSH is 5.1 (I think), and they want it to be under 10, so that’s fine. I won’t get AMH until tomorrow or Wednesday, because they only run the test twice a week. I was a little peeved to find out that I had to have communicable disease testing. First, I had it done in LA in January. Second, I have absolutely no exposure to communicable diseases. Third, it cost $750. Annoying. They also let me know that I need to have a psych evaluation, per FDA guidelines. False. They also let me know that they will ONLY accept the evaluation done through THEIR psychologist, and it costs $250. For under an hour. So that someone can tell me how to talk to my future child about being conceived through donor sperm. Complete bullsh*t.

I have my HSG test coming up on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to knowing if the tubes are clear. If they’re not, our course will change quite a bit, but if they are, I feel confident one of the next few IUI’s will work. N let me know that she has a good feeling, and has been dreaming, that the first attempt is going to work. Let’s hope she is right!

This weekend we went up to Fort Collins to watch the end of Stage 6 of the USA Pro Challenge (big cycling race). It was really fun, but it happens very fast. We saw the men fly past early in their stage. It was a really tight pack of about 100 racers going 35+ miles an hour. I was leaning in to the road to watch them coming, and we all practically had to jump backward as they flew past, because they come at you so fast and take every inch of pavement. We then went downtown to try to watch the finish. I was lucky and snapped one decent photo of the leaders as they approached the finish line.mms_img1608487817We were really disappointed to just miss the women by about 10 minutes. We did get to see the men finish, and again, they flew by in seconds while we cheered really hard, and then we headed home.

mms_img1250247909A selfie while we waited for the cyclists to approach the finish line. I need a haircut.



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  1. I think her dreams are on point. I’m feeling you two will be pregnant within a few tries. Everything seems to be pointing in the right direction. Try and take some Motrin before the hsg test. It was pretty painful for me, I wished I would have taken some prior to the appt. Which state are you in? It seems absolutely absurd that they would require so much, especially the physch portion. Seems like a money bucket if you ask me. How frustrating.

    • Yeah, I think it’s a giant scam. They know you’ve already invested enough money that you’re not going to walk away, so they hit you with more additional procedures. We’re in Colorado. And I’ll be taking some ibuprofen before the hsg, for sure!!

    • Yeah, they are full of it. The clinic in LA didn’t require it either. They have a monopoly, at least with my insurance, so they are demanding things that are completely made up.

  2. Does ins cover the communicable diseases? You should be able to self-file if they don’t do it for you. We have self-employment ins and we had that covered. One of the few things.

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