Four days pregnant

So, you know how once you find out that you’re pregnant, you are already four WEEKS pregnant? Well, I’m not going to let those four weeks go to waste. I’m going to count every single one of those days of pregnancy and see if I can’t use them to trick my body into actually BEING pregnant. I’m sure you’re thinking, “but you can’t actually BE pregnant this early.” And you’re right. But why not think like I am? Why not convince my body that it IS pregnant, so that when the IUI finally comes along and fertilizes the giant egg I’ve grown, my uterus is ready to catch and snuggle it? I will already be about two weeks pregnant at that point. Then, it should really come as no surprise when my period doesn’t show up two weeks later, because, gosh, I’m already four weeks pregnant. I’ll let you know how this mindgame turns out…

In other news, I had an HCG test and U/S yesterday to determine that my lining is thin and I’m not pregnant from a former cycle (our last try was February, so I’m pretty sure we would all have noticed if I were pregnant). The clinic was supposed to prescribe me Clomid, but they didn’t get the blood test results back yesterday, so they couldn’t write the prescription. On CD 3. How they could not get tests back in one day baffles me. And why they had me drive an hour to the clinic to have the tests done when they couldn’t even process them the same day also baffles me. But, I’m refusing to get pissed off, calling the local clinic today, and assuming they will just have me do Clomid days 4-8. It’s incredible that we pay this clinic so much money, babysit them by giving them reminders EVERY time we visit about what the plan is supposed to be, and yet, they still can’t get the basic stuff taken care of.

So, here I am, four days pregnant, looking forward to the Clomid Crazies and waiting for the clinic opens so I can call and get a prescription.


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  1. A few years ago some conservative politician (I don’t remember who/where) caused a fuss by referring to women between particular ages as “pre-pregnant”. Super problematic? Absolutely. But maybe go with it, anyways. Then you can always be kinda pregnant!

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