Trigger Shot

As some of you suggested, the smaller follicles tapered off, for the most part. On Monday I had nine growing follicles, with the leader at 16.4, second place on the other side at 14, and then five follicles between 11 and 12. Yesterday afternoon I have a leader at 21, second place at 16, and third place at 13. The rest were all under 12. The good news is, the nurse at the fertility clinic told me to go ahead and trigger. I am slightly disappointed that we don’t seem to have two viable contenders. NOT because I want twins, but because I want to increase the likelihood that one of them fertilizes and implants! But, some people on the world wide web seem to think that a 16 mm could be a contender. Anyone have insight on that? I’m also not sure how much more those three will grow in the 46 hours between the ultrasound and the IUI, or more sepcifically, between the ultrasound and ovulation.

The same nurse scheduled me for the IUI on Friday at 1:00. Those with trigger experience will know that means I got to get up at 1:00 a.m. this morning to do the trigger shot. It would have been lovely if they could have squeezed me in for a morning IUI so I could trigger before bed, but that option was not on the table.

The shot itself was uneventful and painless. My wife got up, saying she wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity to stab me, but when the rubber hit the road, she shied away and let me do the dirty work. I think she was 60% trying to be supportive, getting up in the middle of the night with me, 30% curious to see how a self-administered shot would go, and 10% had to pee.

I doubt that the doctor or nurse who performs the IUI will do an ultrasound before the insem. Our LA doctor would do it, if we asked. I liked to see the collapsed follicle and know that the egg was off on its journey.

So now we wait for the IUI tomorrow, and then we wait for the dreaded TWW. It’s been about six months since we have had the joy of the TWW. My wife’s parents will be in town for two of the weekends, including when we will test, if we test. Honestly, I don’t love that idea, because I don’t like having to mask emotions. If a test were positive, I would definitely not tell them that early. Alas, it is what it is.


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