Waiting and Phantom Symptoms

Well, today marks halfway through the TWW. I also consider it to be the beginning of the phase when I might feel something. To be fair, the first week passed pretty quickly. I’m hopeful that the second week speeds along, or I get some strong symptoms that cut the wait short.

I am an EXPERT on phantom symptoms. I swear, I can convince myself that I feel all kinds of things. So far this cycle, I’ve experienced: extreme fatigue on 5DPO, pangs/pinches in lower abdomen on 6DPO, frequent urination and bloating on 7 DPO (today), and voracious hunger since 4DPO. I know it’s too early for these to be real symptoms, which is why I consider them phantom.

There is one other odd symptom, and I don’t know what to make of it. I have Trypophobia. It’s a completely irrational repulsion (or fear) of holes, irregular patterns, or bubbles (If you are brave, google it…but be forewarned that the images are gross/weird). I’ve had it since I was a kid, and things like locust pods can gross me out, but it’s usually pretty mild, and I typically just feel like scratching. Last night while I chopped a butternut squash, the seeds and fleshy center nearly made me vomit. I literally felt my face go pale when I looked down at the squash flesh. And we eat a lot of squash – this is not the first butternut I’ve carved. I don’t know why this time was so different. I am not a queasy person and rarely (outside of the flu) do I feel nauseated. This could be an odd symptom, no?

In other news, the weekend will be filled with entertaining the in-laws. They are road-tripping to Nebraska to visit family, so they are stopping in Colorado both on the way out and on the way back. We plan to do a little hiking, some fall foliage viewing, and celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. Other than that, I’ll just be waiting for these phantom symptoms to turn into real symptoms.


Waiting for a new little sibling to show up…


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