10DPO, Deflating Boobs & Sharp Pangs

Up until yesterday evening (9DPO), I would have told you I could be pregnant. Then, this morning, I woke up to my boobs being deflated. Yesterday I was spilling out of my normal bra, and today it fits about right. There is still a small amount of tenderness, but not much. I don’t have very sensitive boobs (like, you can pinch and pull them without any pain…or pleasure), so I’m not sure that if/when I do get pregnant, I will actually feel the soreness many pregnant women describe during pregnancy – the type of soreness that won’t let you lie on your stomach.

I was pretty disappointed/angry when I woke up this way, because I know that your body pumps progesterone after ovulation and through CD 10-ish to support implantation. My understanding is that if your body doesn’t find that a fertilized egg implanted, the progesterone level drops and your period comes a few days later. So, I interpreted the deflated boobs and lack of all other symptoms to mean the end was nigh.

In the “plus” column, all week I have had little pinches around my lower abdomen, but I’ve dismissed them as phantom symptoms (or indigestion, muscle soreness, gas…). Twice over the weekend, I know I actually felt “pangs”. The first happened when I stretched my arms above my head in my desk chair on Friday (7DPO) – just a shot down the center, very brief. The second happened Sunday (9DPO) when I turned around in the driver’s seat to get something from the back seat of the car – just a little poke. However, this morning when I was stretching at the gym, about an hour after I woke up, I got a sharp shooting pain heading down from my belly button toward my vagina. It was like a lightning bolt and lasted 2-3 seconds. It literally felt electrified, and was slightly painful. A few minutes later, I felt another “ping”, but not as strong. It’s hard to describe the way my lower abdomen has felt…kind of tingly, kind of like I have to pee, and also like I am completely imagining it.

So, make of it what you will. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’m also emotionally preparing for AF to show up on Friday. If I have other positive signs, I’ll test Friday morning. If signs take a turn for the worse, I’ll wait until Saturday or Sunday.

The weekend with the in-laws included a lot of driving/sight-seeing and what felt like a lot of eating. We took them to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, and a few local sites around Boulder. I think they enjoyed themselves, and I know they enjoyed the food, so it was relatively successful. I know that they noticed I wasn’t drinking, but they were kind enough not to mention it. Their family does not speak about many things directly, which can be frustrating, or refreshing, depending on the circumstances. My mother, however, noticed immediately when I did not have a glass of wine with cake/ice cream. She waited for the moment I was alone in the kitchen to ask “So, are you not drinking, because you might be pregnant???” I told her “no! I’m just so full…and I had a glass of wine with dinner,” which was partially true, because I drank a few sips. Our family speaks about everything directly…sometimes too directly.

The only good photos I took with my own phone this weekend were of buffalo. My mother-in-law really wanted to see “wildlife.” These buffalo, as with nearly all buffalo in North America, and not wild, but she does not care about the details. She was just excited to see buffalo for the first time. Without further ado, I give you buffalo:

mms_img-1995835236 mms_img-931370221mms_img-1782999990

Thanks to everyone for keeping their fingers crossed. I hope the TWW is going smoothly for those of you who inseminated recently!


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  1. I had zero soreness in my boobs at first. They didn’t really start hurting until around week 6, so don’t knock yourself out yet. The pangs sound very familiar! “Electric” is a good way to describe it. Hope this is the cycle for you guys.

  2. I had the deflation issue too, and sensitivity disappear on me making me think it was over, but it so wasn’t. What I learned from my own 3 (only) BFPs ever versus my 15 BFN clinical cycles is that I have absolutely no absolute foolproof indicators. What I was convinced was my sign from BFP #2 (ended in mc) was frequent urination, and I didn’t have that at all with #3 (now almost 31 weeks pregnant). Good luck and keep the faith – you really never know when it’ll be *the* cycle. Xx

  3. I’m pretty sure that my breasts were sore during all of the negative cycles because I spent so much time poking at them to see if they were.

    Really, I thought I could be pregnant every cycle except the one that I was. When actual symptoms began showing up, I was sure it was PMS!

  4. I hate to get enjoyment out of this anxious time for you, but the deflated boob and boob poking discussion is making me laugh! It seems so unfair that unless you accidentally got pregnant and didn’t find out about it until 6 or more weeks in, you don’t really get to experience symptoms as a sign that you are pregnant. It really does seem like the first couple of weeks, before the hpt, there are no symptoms reliable enough to bank on. How frustrating! Good luck with the wait!

    • Oh my gosh, PLEASE get enjoyment out of boob poking. We have to be able to laugh at this absurd process. My wait is over (this cycle) but I hope YOUR wait is going smoothly and ends with a +++ soon!!!

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