CD1, Medicated IUI #2

AF showed up in the wee hours of the morning today, so I experienced my first ever short cycle – 26 days. I think I ovulated on CD 14 and had a 12-day luteal phase. I am interested to hear why the doctor thinks clomid + trigger shortened my cycle. I’m typically 29-33ish days.

I feel very neutral about this news. The last few days, all real and imaginary symptoms tapered off, and I didn’t “feel” pregnant, but I was also relying on the wise words of Decaf, who reminded me that most women’s first symptom is a positive HPT. So, I figured I would wait for that first symptom and ignore the rest. Obviously, I never tested, because I don’t like to test until my period is actually late, and this time she was mercifully early.

I’m slightly frustrated not knowing WHY it hasn’t worked in the last two tries – the first was an unmedicated IUI and the second included 100mg clomid and trigger. It annoys me to not know what I can do better next time. I realize that there may be nothing, but I absolutely hate the feeling of helplessness, or lack of control, if we’re being honest.

My nutrition, sleep, hydration, and activity levels were all pretty good this cycle. I didn’t experience much stress beyond the norm. I exercised more than the clinic recommended. The nurse suggested that I don’t get my heart rate above 140. Ha. I raise my heart rate to 160-190 five or six times a week… And I’m unconvinced that would prevent implantation. I’ve been working out at that rate for at least 6 months, and I’m under the impression that as long as I’m not adding weight/impact/strain, it’s okay to maintain.

I’m considering some type of meditation this month. Anyone have any experience with fertility meditations, chants, prayers, or novenas?

On the bright side, I get to have wine during my in-laws second visit in a week, starting tomorrow. I’m still pulling for those of you in the TWW! I hope we get to see some BFPs in the blogosphere soon!


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  1. No matter what you do right (or wrong, for that matter) the odds of conceiving in any given cycle hover somewhere around 30%. Which sucks, when you’re investing so much energy, hope, money, time, etc.- and also means that you just have to keep rolling the dice. (By which I mean, shooting up the sperm.)

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