New Protocol

We march onward. Ultrasound this morning showed no cysts and lining back down to 5mm, so we’re headed toward medicated IUI #2. The protocol this cycle is 100mg clomid CD 3-9. I’m not thrilled about the potential of seven whole days of clomid-induced constipation, but I’m prepared. I’ll be chugging water and Garden of Life fiber powder.

I complained to our regular nurse about the botched IUI, stabbing of my cervix, and emptying of the syringe before it got into the uterus, and she apologized. She is not the one who performed the procedure, and unfortunately, she is leaving on maternity leave, so she won’t be the one performing the IUI this cycle either. I do know we will NOT be having the same nurse again. And I told her if the same thing happens again, we are pulling the plug on this clinic. She apologized a lot and said that your cervix changes every cycle based on your hormones, so even if you have really easy IUI’s one month, it can be very difficult another month. At least this month we will be having ultrasound guidance from the beginning, so I won’t have to walk down the hallway in my paper sheet skirt, mooning other patients.

I also downloaded Circle and Bloom’s IUI meditations. They follow your cycle days, and CD1 was lovely. Very relaxing. Who knows if it will actually make any difference, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I did the first 15 minute meditation before bed last night and struggle a few times not to drift off, haha. It was a good way to wind down. I’m into the whole visualizing success thing.

The in-laws return to town this evening for two more nights of “fun.” We plan to take them to the planetarium and observatory to look at stars and planets. Tomorrow my wife wants to go show shopping, because she figures she can convince her mom to buy her new boots. Whatever. Below is a picture from last weekend when we took them on a very short hike in the foothills. Everyone have a great weekend!


My wife would appreciate if I told you that I’m not really taller than she is (maybe 1/3 inch). It just appears that way because of the rocks on which we were standing. And yet again I need a haircut…


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  1. Your midwife was correct, each cycle your cervix moves and sometimes it can be difficult to reach BUT it should NOT have been as painful as you had described a few blogs earlier. I’m sorry it didn’t work. Personally, I wouldn’t waste any more money on that clinic. Is there anywhere else that would take you In as a patient? I guess trying this last cycle won’t hurt, but sheesh what a nightmare. Either way sending baby dust your way. I can’t wait to follow your pregnancy story and see your rainbow baby eventually. It will happen, good things come to those who wait πŸ™‚

    • Yes – if this IUI isn’t smooth as butter, we’ll be moving on to another clinic. THANK YOU for your positive energy and thoughts! It truly does help. Also, I cannot seem to find your blog anymore, did you delete it? I hope all is going well with you and your pregnancy!!

      • I made our blog private. I’ll have to add you, I thought this was already done. So how it works is I would need your email or WordPress username. I can then send you a request. Once you get the request, approve it and then get to our page and click the follow button. It got all kindsa confusing when we made the switch. I lost so much of my blogging community.

  2. Will be thinking of you! We downloaded the circle and bloom programme,at first A listened to it with headphones then we played it without headphones before bed which was lovely. It was nice to have a little bit more understanding of what she was going through πŸ˜€. All the best xx

  3. Yay no more moon walking! I’d like to know what you think about the meditations as you go further along with them. I’m not one for meditation, but the more I read about how it can changes your brain structure, the less resistant I am. >>

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