Follicle Check

It’s CD12 and I survived another visit from our friend, Clomid. The side effects were similar this time, but I got to enjoy her stay for 7 days instead of 5. I’ll refrain from burdening you with the nitty gritty details, but know that Clomid is a feisty lady who does not pass by without a scene.

This morning I had my follicle check and it turned up two follicles on the left side (18.3 and 17.7) and one on the right side (17.9). There were a few small trailers, but we didn’t measure them. My lining was 7.3, and the doctor likes to see 8-12 at ovulation. Thinned lining is a common side effect of Clomid, so I’ll be using Estrace this cycle to give the lining a little boost. Estrace is a blue pill that some people take orally. I’m popping it right up my va-jay, hoping it dissolves, and then watching for blue discharge. Maybe the commercial writers for Always and Depends had Estrace in mind when they crafted commercials showing their pads catching copious amounts of blue fluid. I always thought it was strange, because I typically don’t secrete anything blue. Until now.

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t have two follicles on my right side. Because I can convince myself of all kinds of bizarre and unlikely scenarios, I have a working theory (based on the very short video of my guts during my HSG) that my right fallopian tube is shorter, and I am more likely to conceive with a ripe follicle (or two) on that side. Yes, I’m giving myself a side-eye judging face right now, too. My wife just ignores these theories at this point, not even wasting her time to say “you’re absurd.”

So, I anticipate triggering tomorrow evening with an IUI on Thursday. I assume that means my three leaders will grow another 2-4 mm, before launching themselves into the cavity of my abdomen in hopes that the fallopian tubes will vacuum them up.

I can now start fretting over whether I’m going to ovulate early and miss the tiny window of possible conception. The things I can over-analyze are unending.

In unrelated news, the wife had a swim meet this weekend. For adults. I didn’t know that was a thing, either. Until now, we’ve always planned for the kids to be swimmers, skiers, and soccer players. Because we can plan that. Until they show up and refuse to participate in those sports and demand wrestling, ballet, and horse back riding lessons. However, after spending the better part of Saturday at the massive, indoor, rec center pool, I’m questioning my fortitude for supporting child swimmers. It was loud, muggy, and chlorine-y. Blech. The horse stables are starting to sound pretty good, and at least I could catch a snooze during a ballet recital, right? Anywho…photographic evidence:

mms_img420738006 mms_img-1901710201mms_img-528234039


7 responses

  1. The cycle I caught ovulation before triggering, my lead follicle was over 20mm. Since then I’d just use opks obsessively between when the clomid would no longer cause a false positive and trigger time. I hope this is the cycle for you. It sounds like they’re being more aggressive with your treatment.

    • Yeah, I’ll be doing an OPK tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure we don’t miss it. The whole thing feels like a circus, but I’m trying to patiently ride along and trust that they know what they are doing…

      Have you thought at all about getting back onto the carousel anytime soon?

  2. Just a little suggestion…do not wear and favorite undies while using your special pill. Wife ruined a few of hers and was pissed. The little things we didn’t think of…HA!

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