Trigger & Stats

Because I love data.

IUI #1
CD 4-8: 100 mg Clomid
CD 10: 16, 14, 12 mm follies
CD 12: 21, 16, 13 mm follies
CD 13: Trigger at 1:00 a.m.
CD 14: Insem (1:00 p.m.)

IUI #2
CD 3-9: 100 mg Clomid
CD 12: 18, 17, 17
CD 13: Trigger at 10:00 p.m.
CD 15: Insem (10:00 a.m.)

Conclusions to be drawn?
Same dosage of Clomid for more days = more viable follicles, but not bigger follicles.
I feel better about earlier trigger this time. I think I might have ovulated early last time, since one follicle could have been as big as 25/26 at estimated time of ovulation.
At estimated time of ovulation (insem) for IUI #2, I should have approximately 24, 23, 23 follies – if everyone continued to grow at an average pace.

In hindsight, I wish I had asked whether we could do the insem today, at the end of CD 14. I think we might have been more likely to catch the egg and not miss ovulation. Though, I did not have a +OPK yesterday. I triggered last night without incident. Wife was nervously tempted to do it, but again she shied away. Now I am waiting for the insem, which is tomorrow morning at 10:00. Then I can start another fun TWW of phantom symptom spotting. Wee.

Okay, I’m done over-analyzing and brainstorming things to worry about for now.


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      • Sorry, I shouldn’t be cryptic. Since about 10dpo I’ve been getting faint positives on wondfos. The two frers I’ve used have been clearly negative, and probably much more accurate. Apparently getting three early and colored evaps or false positives in a row is possible with wondfos.

      • I’m on supplemental progesterone, so I pretty much have all the symptoms – elevated temps, sore boobs, random cramps, constipation, etc, but it’s meaningless. 🙂 I accept the negative and will stop taking the progesterone after Friday (we have a party to attend that I’d rather not be a crying, cramping, bleeding mess during).

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