I’m happy to report that the nurse was actually able to get the catheter into my uterus for IUI #2. It was a different nurse, and when I met her, I knew she would be better than the last. We used ultrasound guidance from the beginning, so no walking down the hall mooning people this time. It did take awhile for her to maneuver the catheter in. At one point, I was sure she was pretty close to giving up and going to find another nurse. I did not particularly appreciate the fact that our sperm had been sitting in its vial on the counter for about 30 minutes by that time. So, I told her I believed in her and I knew she could do it. I tried flexing my glutes, abs, and other core muscles to try to tilt my uterus for her. I also pit my fists underneath my butt to lift up my hips. When she finally broke through the last lip of the cervix, we could all see it on the ultrasound machine and cheered. The ultrasound tech said “THANK you for your positive energy! That was really helpful.” I had to laugh. I was mostly trying to keep the nurse calm and confident. It was SO gratifying to see the sperm at the top of the uterus on the ultrasound. It made it so obvious that they didn’t even get past the cervix last month. I only rested with my knees to my chest for about 5 minutes, and then we were on our way. Are you supposed to keep your feet up longer than that? I figured that my cervix would keep the swimmers in there. I did have a tiny bit of spotting and leakage later in the day. Google tells me that’s normal, though it was a tiny bit discouraging.

All in all, I’d say the IUI was much more successful than last month, and we left feeling much more optimistic as we left. Let’s hope at least one of the three lead follicles produced an egg and it has united with the sperm in my fallopian tubes!

Happy Halloween and fingers crossed for all of you in the TWW out there!


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