The days have been ticking by, and I’m not experiencing any symptoms (phantom or real) yet. I can tell my progesterone is elevated, just by knowing my body and its cycles. I keep hoping for some clear signal from the uterus that an egg implanted, but she has not complied yet.

My wife and I are considering testing out the rest of the cycle. As I’ve written before, I don’t like testing, because a snowy-white negative crushes my hope. I like to hang on to that last tiny sliver of optimism until AF shows up, at which time I can focus my energy on the next cycle. However, I think it would somehow make my wife feel more involved to test each morning. I am guessing that she feels like I get to “know” first, because I know when my period is coming. With this method, we’d both have a pretty clear idea of what is going on. So, tonight, we’ll probably go pick up a handful of sticks to pee on. It also seems like a bit of a financial waste, but at this point, what’s another 30 bucks or so, right?

In other news, we went to a friend’s baby shower last Sunday, and we’re hosting a cousin’s baby shower on the upcoming Sunday. I don’t at all begrudge these two (hetero) mommas, but it has become a little difficult knowing how easily some people get pregnant. I’m very, very excited to meet these new babies. I just wish it felt like we were making progress toward meeting our own baby, instead of just spinning our wheels. I’ve adopted the mantra that “it’s going to work, it just takes an unknown amount of repetition.” Considering that all of my tests (AMH, FSH, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid) are normal, my uterus makes good linings and my ovaries make plenty of eggs, my tubes are clear, my BMI is under 25, our sperm vials have come with 30+ million swimmers and 50% motility, my cycles are normal, and I get plenty of rest, hydration, and nutrition…it’s bound to happen sooner or later, right?


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  1. I was definitely the one urging my wife to test every morning, and it did make me feel more involved. I think we started testing at 7dpo, even though we knew it was too early. We used dollar store tests and got a clear positive at 9dpo, so I would say if you want to save a bit of money they’re a good option. Standing in line at the dollar store with a dozen HPTs is somehow more embarrassing than buying them at the drugstore, though!

    Sounds like everything is in line, and you’re just waiting for the right egg to find a counterpart and nestle into place – or maybe it already has!

  2. I loved testing out. I wish we had started earlier so we would have known exactly when the first positive day would have been (day 10 was when we started testing) but I also understand the whole negative test downer. And about 30% of women who are pregnant still test negative at 10 dpo. Fingers and toes are crossed for you!

  3. Get first response. They always showed up way earlier than any other tests. Also, dollar store tests show up really well too. Good luck ladies!!

  4. It will happen. And when you have your just-right baby, you might find yourself thinking “If those other tries had worked, we wouldn’t have this kid.” It helps put things into (retrospective) perspective for me, anyways.

    We didn’t test out/test at all after a couple of cycles. Otherwise I found I just spent a lot of time staring at blank tests.

  5. Waiting is always the hardest part of this TTC journey, but someday it will be worth the struggle and you will get that precious soul that was meant especially for you guys! Lots of good vibes continuously sent your way!!

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