CD 0, 14DPO, or 4 weeks pregnant?

I’m sitting in the awful limbo land at the tail end of the TWW. I have a bad track record of AF showing up just minutes after I post an update from limbo land, so maybe I shouldn’t be writing at all.

This TWW has gone relatively quickly, with very minimal symptoms – real or imagined. I used HPT’s on the mornings of 8, 9, 10, and 11DPO. The tests on 8, 9, and 10 were clearly negative. On 11DPO, I thought I could see a bit of a line when I held the test up so that the bathroom light shined through from the back. I left the test while I walked the dogs, and when I got back, I’m relatively sure I had an evap line. At the time, I was positive that I willed myself to see SOMETHING, when really there was nothing there. I (stupidly) looked at the test later in the day, and the evap line was very clear, thin, and off-centered. Google tells me that is most likely evap and not a very faint positive.

Knowing the statistics of negative tests 11DPO, I knew we were probably out for this cycle. I was pretty disappointed, but I’ve been preparing to emotionally move on. 11, 12, and 13DPO passed without incident. It’s 14DPO, and AF could show up at any time. Last month she arrived on 13DPO, so I kind of expected her yesterday. This month I had an extra follicle, meaning an extra corpus luteum releasing progesterone after ovulation, so it’s likely that the extra progesterone extended my luteal phase a bit, right?

I have absolutely zero symptoms of anything. I don’t feel AF coming (though I could have sworn I did on 10/11DPO). My boobs are no longer swollen and tender, as they were (and usually are) 8/9/10/11 DPO. I have no noticeable activity in my lower abdomen. Smell, stomach, and head all feel very normal. I have a sore throat, but so does my wife, and the cold has been making the rounds in my office.

Everyone logical out there will say “TEST AGAIN.” And I agree, that makes sense. I just don’t want to. I don’t want to see another negative. I would prefer to receive the news in the form of my period, rather than one lonely line. If I make it through today and tomorrow without AF, I’ll consider testing Saturday morning, which will be 16DPO.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I have good news to share on Monday!


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