7 Weeks

This is a bit of a mundane post, and no photos to share, unfortunately, but I’m writing it for my own reflection in the future.

I continue to feel pretty good. I had a hard workout on Monday, and my quads still haven’t fully recovered by Thursday. I am theorizing that my body is directing more resources toward babymaking than muscle recovery, which is good. I’m just surprised that it’s taking me sooo long to bounce back. I didn’t expect that.

Foods and smells are all still normal. I do crave protein-rich foods and salty/savory things MUCH more than sweet, but I’m still enjoying a little treat here or there. I cannot eat a lot of sugar at once, or I get a stomach ache. That’s a new experience for me – I’ve historically been able to eat a big bowl of ice cream or multiple cookies at once without problem.

I don’t feel much going on in my lower abdomen – occasional tugging from my uterus stretching, but not as frequent or intense as it was during week 5. My boobs are always slightly swollen, and they are sore at different times of the day. Sometimes I cannot lie on my stomach or side because it hurts my boobs too much, and other times they are perfectly fine. Interestingly, they hurt the least after a workout.

I’m still tired, and nighttime sleep is returning to normal, thankfully. I’m still getting up to pee once most nights. I feel like I pee All. The. Time. I’ve never spent so much time in the bathroom.

Our immediate families know, and they ask how things are going every couple of days. I also told my best friend last night, and she is THRILLED. She had followed the journey for the last two years, so she knows how long we’ve waited to finally be parents. I think she hugged me tight for about three solid minutes and then asked for every detail. It was fun to get such a positive reaction, because while our families are pleased, there was really no jumping up or down. The experience has made me reflect on how I’ve reacted when other people told me they were pregnant, and I hope I expressed enough enthusiasm and delight. In the future, I’ll make sure to help them feel special. We plan to tell our close friends from San Diego sometime this weekend via facetime. They know we have been trying, so it won’t be a surprise. Otherwise we’re trying to hold out until Christmas to tell the rest of our families and friends. I’m hoping to wait as long as 20 weeks to tell my work. They will be happy and very surprised (I think), but I don’t generally share personal information with my colleagues.

So, we march on. I get slightly more confident that everything is okay with each day that passes. I’ll be really happy to hit the future milestones of 10-week appointment (and hopefully hearing a heartbeat), finishing this trimester, and eventually feeling the baby move. Until then, we pass the days by hoping for the best.


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