10 Weeks

I’m almost a week late on this post, and I think I may have missed nine weeks, but there is nothing really exciting to share. I continue to feel pretty good most days. There is a tangible difference between days when I’m hydrated and days when I fell behind drinking water. The effect comes the following day. If I wake up without having peed sometime in the night, I’m already off to a bad start. I feel more achy, icky, and cranky. However, the days following a big water day, I feel nearly 100%.

I’m still ravenously hungry in the mornings. I can easily put down two bowls of cereal, eggs, yogurt, some fruit, and a muffin between 6 and 9 a.m., if I have access to them all. I also eat my packed lunch between 10 and 11. By noon, the hunger has subsided, and I make it through the afternoon until dinner with just a small snack or two. I can’t stomach a huge dinner. Something small to medium is satisfying and keeps me full through the night.

I’m having a tiny bit of heartburn, especially if I eat a lot in a short time span. I’m also getting an acidic stomach on occasion. It seems to be after I eat more sugar than I should (read: Christmas cookies). Otherwise, I’m thankfully not nauseated.

This week I’m craving honey nut cheerios with almond milk and bananas. I wake up thinking about them and could eat them all day long if I let myself. I don’t, but I would like to. My peanut butter cravings seem to have passed, as well as my endless cravings for cinnamon rolls and other sweet pastries. Though, I will ALWAYS eat a donut.

Sleep has been mixed. Sometimes I sleep straight through from 9 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. Other nights I wake up at 1:00 and will lay in bed, wide awake, until about 4:00. Having holidays off work does not help, because I inevitably sleep in later on those days and it throws off my sleep schedule. But, I enjoy the warm, cozy mornings in bed.

I continue to make it to the gym 4-5 days each week. My capacity has really diminished, and I’m pretty exhausted after a warm-up. I’m increasingly feeling apprehensive about things like box jumps and rope climbs. I need to have the conversation with my coaches so that they know why I’m “taking it easy.” Otherwise they give me the side-eye, because they know I’m not doing as much as I can. I figure I’ll have that talk next week, when I’m almost 12 weeks.

Overall, I’m happy to be in double digits, happy to be “1/4” of the way there, and very happy to be so close to the end of the first trimester. I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing baby’s heartbeat on the doppler at our 13-week appointment for reassurance that he’s still kicking it in there.

In other news, my cousin’s water broke about 4 hours ago, and we’re anxiously waiting to hear that baby Ellie has been born. I hope we get to go see and squeeze her soon!


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  1. I’m happy to hear things are going smoothly for you! I do a cardio fitness class 3x a week and I often wonder what instructor will think when I’m not at my usual level before we announce! Although, I do have a gimpy knee that I might be able to pass some of the blame on for a couple of weeks 🙂 Kudos to you for still making it to the gym as often as you are!

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