11, 12, and 13 Weeks

*I started this post 3 weeks ago and haven’t had time to finish it. Seeing as though tomorrow is 14 weeks, I’m going to squish these three weeks together and call it good.*

11 Weeks:

Round Ligament Pain. Yeow. To be honest, this symptom made me pretty nervous for a few days. It feels similar to when something presses on your bladder and you have to pee, but it’s typically on one side or the other, and I don’t have to pee. I wouldn’t exactly call it pain, but maybe discomfort or tension? First I feared I was getting a UTI. After getting NO other UTI symptoms, I started to fear that something was going wrong in my uterus. At this point, though, after much reading on Google, I’m pretty sure that it’s round ligament pain. It is worse when I’m exercising or moving around quite a bit. I don’t really feel it when I’m sitting down. Knowing (or thinking I kn0w) what it is has made it much less problematic, because the uncertainty was more distressing than the physical symptom.

We visited a ghost town in southern Colorado for New Years and stayed in a hotel/depot from the late 1800’s that is currently being restored. It was cold, but fun. We saw the thermostat get to -12 in the evening, but I’m sure it got much colder than that overnight. We ate dinner in Breckenridge one night, spent a lot of cozy time reading in bed, and enjoyed a little getaway from home and work. We also saw a fox, three moose, lots of deer, and some bunnies. You guys, moose are HUGE. They were beautiful, slightly frightening, and humongous.

One day we visited the natural hot springs and soaked for a bit. The temperature of one pool was just under 100, so I spent some time lounging in there. Another pool was in the low 90’s, so I also splashed around a bit in that one. I sat in the warm pool (about 104) for a bit, but kept everything above my hips out of the water by perching on some rocks and wrapping my upper body in a towel. I definitely would have enjoyed the experience more without wondering if I was cooking the baby, but I was pleased to see two other pregnant women also soaking. One looked to be about 18-20 weeks, and one was 32ish weeks. Both of them had small children with them, so I figured that they must know what they were doing, since they had successfully given birth at least once. Impeccable logic, right??

We had an absolutely beautiful cross-country ski on the second day. The very cold temperatures help the snow stay nice and slick. Our dogs were in heaven – they love romping through thick snow and sniffing for wildlife. We skied for about 2.5 hours and then drove back home to unload the car and prepare for the week. That evening, I splurged and drank a root beer. It really backfired and made a very quick exit through my lower intestinal track over the following few hours. I’m not super strict about sugar (in fact, I’ve been eating honey nut cheerios like a madwoman), but I think the fountain soda was just too much for my system. Lesson learned.

No other major symptoms to report. I still don’t like the smell of our shampoos and lotions. I haven’t been as ravenously hungry, which is a small relief. I have also been having less light-headed fatigued spells in the late afternoon than I had over the last few weeks.

12 Weeks:

This week was fairly uneventful. I did notice while walking my dogs that I felt more “normal” than I had for about 6 weeks, so I guess this is the energy surge folks have promised. Round ligament pain continues on occasion, but the more hydrated I am, the less I feel it. I started to feel like a real cow this week, and I think I’ve gained about 5 pounds. I’ll write more about my feelings about this later.

I ordered a bunch of maternity clothes on clearance this week. I found LOTS of dresses for next summer on outrageously cheap sales, so I stocked up. I figure I’ll resort to a uniform of dresses and leggings when my regular clothes no longer fit. I also splurged and ordered a few baby outfits (also on clearance) for next winter from Polarn y Pyret. SO CUTE. I’ll post photos when they arrive. It felt a little risky to be ordering them this early, but who can resist baby skinny jeans? Not me.

My wife was in DC this week, so I spent some solid time feeling sorry for myself that I had to try to keep the house clean, walk the dogs by myself, work, and feed myself. I know exactly how pathetic that sounds. One of the main symptoms that has emerged in the early part of the second semester is overwhelming love. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really very emotive, and my wife knows I love her, but she is usually more interested in snuggling than I am. You guys, I cannot get enough. It’s so funny. I long for her when we’re apart, I can’t get close enough to her when we’re together, and I’m just head over heels for her 24 hours a day. Clearly my hormones are swinging in a new direction.

13 Weeks:

Symptoms have all but tapered off. I still don’t like the smell of many candles, lotions, or body products, but food and sleep seem pretty normal. Constipation made its first unwelcome appearance during this pregnancy. I have read that is common during the second trimester. I need to be better about staying very hydrated and eating more fruit/less cheese, I guess.

We skied this weekend at Keystone, and it was a positive experience. My wife is just learning, so short days with lots of breaks lead to more good feelings about skiing (not panic). I have been skiing since I was 3, and it is super important to me that we develop skiing as a family activity, so I need her to feel more comfortable sliding down the hill. She was a very good sport, despite a few falls. My mom and best friend looked and me sideways for skiing, but I’m as comfortable on skis as I am on a bike, and we really only stick to greens and easy blues until my wife develops her skills a bit more.

I also finished telling almost everyone about the pregnancy this week, including my supervisors. I’ll post more about that later.

Sadly, we missed our 12-week appointment (which was scheduled for 13 weeks due to wife’s travel), because we thought it was scheduled for 1:30, and when we arrived we found out it was actually 1:10. No, they wouldn’t see us late. Despite the fact that EVERY time I go, I wait for 20 minutes to be seen. We rescheduled for Friday, which will be 14 weeks, but whatever.

*I have belly shots to upload from MANY weeks. They are starting to become more worthwhile, as my gut is becoming more prominent. I am not finding that as rewarding as I had hoped. I’ll try to get them up for next week’s update.*


Advice Needed: Telling My Boss

Okay, folks. I need some advice. I am at the point where I need to tell my supervisor that I’m pregnant. All three supervisors above me are women with young-ish children, so I have no concerns about them taking the news poorly. Two out of three are also employment attorneys, so I am not concerned that they will do or say anything out of line. The problem is this: I don’t like my supervisor. We have had a few “incidents” lately related to work, and while we are cordial and professional, we don’t chit chat or joke around, really.

I would like to tell her by email. Google tells me that is a bad idea. But the idea of a phony “ooooh, that’s wonderful, how exciting!” conversation seems really unpleasant. I’m not a warm person, generally. And I definitely don’t like to share personal information. So talking about my body, health, or growing baby with someone I don’t like is akin to poking needles under my fingernails.

What say ye? Can I send a brief, polite, professional email to my two immediate supervisors (as soon as one knows, the other will know within seconds)? Is that too faux pas? Advice, please!!