Blog catch-up

Okay folks, I’ve been a terrible blogger through most of the second trimester, and not because it has been dull…

I apologize in advance, but I’m about to unload a flurry of posts to catch up with things before the third trimester hits full stride.* It’s probably going to look like I’m experiencing the world’s fastest pregnancy, but it’s actually just a fast-forwarded version of the last ten weeks.

After this, I’m going to try to post at least once a week until the finish line!! Wish me luck.

*By my calculations, the third trimester starting at 28 weeks seems like a load of crap. That leaves 12 weeks. I waited until 13 weeks were complete before “entering” the second trimester, and I think I deserve to enter the third trimester at the end of 26 weeks. So, even though the 42 daily advertising emails arriving in my inbox under the guise of educational support during pregnancy (thanks Ovia, BabyCenter, Pregnancy, Parenting, etc.) say that I’m still in the second trimester, my hips, belly, and exhaustion beg to differ.


2 responses

  1. Hear hear! I plan on counting 27 as the start of the third trimester. Mathematically, it just makes the most sense. 13.33 weeks is really the start of the second, so 26.66 should be the start of the third, just round up to 27 for simplicity’s sake.

  2. I tend to agree re: trimester beginning/ending points, but my wife and midwife informed me it’s more about development than it is about specific timing. Fiiiiine. But at 31 weeks tomorrow, I guess I’m solidly in the 3rd tri by any account!

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