17, 18, and 19 Weeks


This was an exciting period of transition for a few reasons. First, I became confident that what I was feeling in my lower abdomen was truly baby movement. I was sitting at my desk at work feeling slightly sorry for myself that I had not yet felt Biscuit* move, for sure. And literally that second, POP, in my uterus. I was startled. A few seconds later, it was confirmed with POKE. It was so funny, and I texted my wife immediately. After that I felt Biscuit move every few hours. My mom described her first feelings of movement as “butterflies,” and I have seen this described before. Boy, can I say, that this did NOT feel like butterflies. Biscuit is a fighter, apparently, because some of those kicks, even the early ones, were hard!! They are so strong, that they are visible from the outside. My wife got to feel Biscuit move during the 17th week, so that was exciting too.

Seventeen weeks also brought the transition from pudgy belly to what could possibly be recognized as a baby bump. It was still very invisible through clothing, and I was still comfortably wearing normal clothes, but I did feel gratified when it started to take shape as more than too many bowls of ice cream during the preceding 4 months.

Eighteen and nineteen weeks passed without much fanfare, though the growth continued at a steady pace. I didn’t have any doctor appointments during this time, because the anatomy scan replaced the regular visit. I still felt fat, I continued to decline in performance at the gym, but nothing else monumental happened.

*Have I written that we call the baby Biscuit? Well, we do. And I’ll likely continue to use that name after his/her birth, both in blogland and in person. Because I like it, and I know him/her as Biscuit now.


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