Austin, Texas

At the end of March, I attended a conference in Austin, Texas. This was my second visit, but the first was in August of 2011, which was quite a different experience! During my first visit, I attended a wedding at the completely bone dry Lake Travis. It was a little bleak. This time I got to enjoy the lush green spring with blooming flowers and full bodies of water!

Austin is such a cool city for so many reasons. Yeah, it’s in Texas, which is nobody’s favorite state unless they are from Texas, but Austin has great energy. There is so much innovation – in music, food, art, and even urban design. I couldn’t ever live there due to the climate (I can really only tolerate so much sweat between my boobs), but it is such a fun place to visit.

Because I was staying at the conference hotel downtown, I walked EVERYWHERE. In fact, during my three day visit, I walked an entire marathon. I popped by the capital building, breezed through 6th street (during daylight hours), walked down Rainey Street to see all the new restaurants and bars, watched the bats one evening, got an incredible grilled cheese sandwich from a food truck on south Congress, and walked the entire Ann and Roy Butler bike path around Lady Bird Lake up to South Pleasant Valley Road. It was just beautiful.

Here are some photos:image1(1).JPGIMG_0119.JPGimage3(1).JPGimage2(1).JPGBy the end of my evening walks, which averaged 8-9 miles, I was SPENT. One evening I overestimated my stamina and by the time I got back to my hotel, my blood sugar had plummeted. That is one of the things that has surprised me about pregnancy. When the tank runs dry, it runs dry FAST, and there better be snacks and water nearby.

During my visit I did enjoy a few breakfast tacos, a lot of frozen yogurt, and a burger or two. I also ate about 14 yogurt breakfast parfaits at the conference. I just could not get enough of fresh berries, yogurt, and granola. In fact, even after I returned home, I continued to make my own parfaits. So good.

Speaking of food, the only cloud over my memory of this quick trip is that I got a serious stomach bug somewhere along the way. Luckily, it didn’t manifest itself until I got home, but I will forever remain wary of banquet food and airplanes after this illness. I’ll write more about that in another tantalizing post.


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  1. I went to UT for undergrad and lived in Austin for a few years after that. I’m originally from TX. I love that city! So much great food and music. I used to jog around Lake Austin all the time.

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