We had a baby.

Well, six months later and I finally feel ready to write about my birth experience. And parenting. Six whole months of it. But first, a brief excuse for my absence: Baby came 5 weeks early with absolutely no warning. I’ll write more about that later, but to be honest, my emotions were RAW. I felt robbed of that last month of pregnancy. I felt like a failure. I felt a MILLION emotions that do not make a lot of logical sense, but what can I say? Pregnancy and childbirth bring out emotions that we may not even know exist…

Then I delayed writing about her online. We occasionally post short, funny updates about our daughter on Facebook, but we haven’t posted any pictures. We want to respect her privacy, and we’re also leery of exposing too much of her life to the World Wide Web. I know that there are fantastic and perfectly logical reasons why it’s FINE to post your child on the internet…we just don’t. We have agreed that we can each post one photo of her twice a year. So, my wife and I will each be posting something around Christmas, and we’ll each probably post something in the summer. This policy may be revised and/or eliminated, but that is where we are right now.

One additional reason I want to get back to blogging is that we are hot on the trail of baby #2. We like the first one so much, we figure we’ll have another. This time, my wife will be carrying. We have already tried one unsuccessful natural IUI with the same donor, and we’re currently on CD2 of IUI #2. The experience of “passenger” on the TTC train is so different, and I’d like to write a little bit about that in the coming weeks.

Finally, a few words about my daughter. We think that she is perfect in every way. Despite being early, she is developmentally on track as far as baby life skills (rolling, sitting, sleeping). One of her “issues” (every kid has at least ONE issue, right?) is weight. She is TINY. She was born 6lb, 6 oz, and at six months she’s sniffing at 11 lb. She is healthy, long, average (large?) head circumference, and smart, but SKINNY. It’s been a struggle to watch her weight creeeeeeep up the scale. We have one of those super sensitive baby scales at home so that I can feed my neuroses with daily or weekly weigh-ins. She eats well and her diaper output is great. The pediatrician is not worried so I’m doing my best not to worry.

More posts, including a very delayed birth story, will be coming along shortly. And since I don’t think you know our REAL names, here’s the little pumpkin:



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  1. Such a cutie!!! The weight thing is a huge deal. Our Austin was born at 29w 6d, so i know that feeling of having to mourn those last few bits of pregnancy. I still kind of get tied up in knots about when i think a little too much. Austin had a hard time gaining weigh initially, but now he outweighs his almost 2 ear old brothers by a whole pound AND some! So long as your pediatrician isn’t worried, then you should be good to go. That “mama worry” is REAL though! Glad you all or doing well, and WOO HOO to baby #2!!!

  2. Sooooo adorable! Weight is always an issue it seems. Maybe more in our own heads too, than anything. My dd2 hasn’t really gained at all in the last 4 months, but has grown taller (between 8&12 mo) and is always on the move. She supposedly isn’t ever far off her average curve, so doc is never worried. Good luck for #2! Exciting times!!

  3. Congratulations!! Our Henry is in like the 8th percentile for BMI for 4 year olds, and his pediatrician says as long as they are following their own growth curve there’s nothing to worry about. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from trying to pack on the pounds for him. Wishing you all the best for baby #2!

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