Conflicting Results….Thoughts?

So, my wife is in the midst of her second TWW on an unmedicated IUI. She used a trigger shot at 2 am the day before insem/ovulation, because she got a positive OPK when she got up in the night to pee.

She got a VERY faint positive with CBE Early Results (the plus sign) on 10 and 11 DPO. On 12DPO, the line was SLIGHTLY darker. Then today, 13DPO, she used CBE Digital, and it says “Not Pregnant.”

3 Tests.jpg

To be fair, the 11DPO test barely shows any more line since it has dried. But, it was definitely there during the test window.

1) The trigger was somehow creating a false positive THIRTEEN days later (at 12DPO). This seems far-fetched, and it doesn’t make sense why 12DPO would be darker than 11DPO, but the variation was very slight.
2) The second type of CBE (digital) is not as sensitive, so it’s not picking up the HCG yet, but she is actually pregnant.
3) Chemical pregnancy that is already ending.

Other considerations: she said she feels different than a normal PMS stage, and her boobs are much more sensitive. She said she feels “something happening” in there. Of course, as we all know, these can definitely be phantom symptoms. I’m not sure whether symptoms accompany a chemical pregnancy – I would guess not, but I’m sure it’s different for everyone.

Thoughts? Any other ideas? Has anyone gotten conflicting results from these two types of tests?

Here is the 12DPO test closer up. This photo was taken a full 24 hours after the test reading period, and the line was actually darker during the 10 minute window in which it should be read. As it dried/aged, the line faded. It was originally so clear that my wife could see it with just a lamp and without her glasses at 6 in the morning yesterday, but of course it was much lighter than the cross line.

I appreciate your insight!!


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  1. The digital tests are definitely not as sensitive, but I also have trouble with the blue dye tests. So, I think anything could be possible!

  2. I wouldn’t use the digital tests until a missed period (ie 14 dpo, minimum). The most sensitive, best option I’ve found to check early are actually the dollar store cheapo tests! Without testing out the trigger it’s hard to know though. They can definitely stay in your system as long as 11-12 dpo, but I wouldn’t count this cycle out yet!

  3. I think you should try a pink dye. I believe they sell them for 88 cents at Walmart in the states or the dollar store tests are cheap. My friend just had an awful cycle where she got anasty EVAP on the blue tests and for sure thought she was pregnant but no pink dye tests had a line. The blue tests had what looked like a really obvious line though

  4. Ugh. This part is so frustrating! Only time will tell! (That said, personally I’d go buy a pink dye test like First Response because I know I wouldn’t be satisfied with only one type of test! And yeah–digital sucks this early!)

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