Pink Dye Update

Well, I’m afraid we’re having a chemical pregnancy. Here is the test from last night (13DPO, 6 p.m.): 13dpo.jpg

The second line was definitely visible, but faint. I assumed that it was very light because we tested at the end of the day, not FMU. I expected this morning’s test to be darker.

And here is the test from this morning (14DPO, 6 a.m.):image1(4).JPG

The second line was much more faint…barely visible.

It’s pretty hard to ride the roller coaster of thinking you’re going to have a September baby, imagining announcements, calculating how far apart the siblings would be, etc. and then go to wondering when that sibling will ever come to be! When I was TTC, my wife was pretty oblivious to most of the ups and downs, and she didn’t know about things like chemical pregnancies, or the statistical probability that a test is accurate at 11, 12, 13 DPO. It’s not that she didn’t care, she just doesn’t obsessively research like I do, haha. This time it feels a little harder, because she is much more aware of the ups and downs, and I hate to see her be sad, angry, disappointed.

I haven’t given up all hope, but I do think a test should be darker on 14DPO if it’s a viable pregnancy. I’m turning to hoping that the cycle after a CP can be a very fertile time. I’m also glad to know that my wife’s tubes are open and she is capable of getting pregnant, because those are two hurdles that must be overcome! We’re going to do one more natural cycle before having an HSG and starting clomid. I think we’ll probably get a progesterone test during the TWW this time just to make sure that’s not what’s causing a problem.

Thank you all for your comments and feedback! It’s so nice to be able to have a community of people ready to throw their two cents in rather than rambling to a friend who has no idea what I’m talking about!

And just to end on an “up” note, this tiny bug has no idea of the roller coaster her moms are riding, hoping for her little brother or sister to materialize! image1(4).JPG


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  1. I’ve got my fingers crossed that time will bring darker lines for you! I totally understand the switch on the roles – my partner also didn’t have the same awareness of all the ins and outs when I was the one carrying, and had to do some catch up that wasn’t so fun when it was her turn. It’s a wild ride being on the other side of a similar experience!

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