TTC#2 Update

We’ve now done four rounds of IUI with my wife. The first three were natural – waited for OPK+ and then inseminated at the office. The last one was medicated with low dose of clomid and a trigger shot. The second and fourth both gave us HPT+. Both ended very early.

During our follicle check for IUI#4, wife’s lining was only 4mm at CD10. They immediately started estrogen pills up the hooha, and at insem (CD15) the lining was only 6mm. We still got a positive at home, but then the betas were decreasing (I don’t remember the actual numbers but something like 180 on CD17 and 130 on CD19). We knew right away that it wasn’t going to stick around. Unfortunately, wife’s parents were in town when we got the positive, so we told them. I called the lab to find out the beta the same day they were flying out. I had to tell my wife that the beta was dropping, which had to be one of the hardest phone calls of my life. She then called her parents at the airport. Big bummer. At least we found out early, before we became too attached and before we made too many plans. It was extra hard to lose the baby that was due on Christmas, because we thought that would be fun.

We watched the beta slowly drop over the next week, and finally she bled at about 6 weeks. It passed relatively painlessly – she said cramps were worse than with a period, but not so much that she needed anything but advil.

Our clinic won’t try again until the beta reaches zero, so this cycle means we sit out (her beta was still around 40 right before she miscarried). It’s looking like her next cycle, which we hope will be IUI#5, will start around May 25th. Theoretically that would mean a March baby, which is always one of the first things I consider. Spring birthdays seem great, so we hope that works.

Hopefully this cycle the doctor will do something to increase her lining. I’m almost positive that’s what is causing these early miscarriages. I think the little nugget is fertilizing and trying to implant but just not getting enough blood flow to dig in. On the upside, she’s shooting a 50% success rate at insemination, anyway. Anyone have any experience thickening linings? We’ve only done one cycle of clomid, and they may try femara this round, so I don’t think that has had a huge effect on lining yet. Meanwhile I think we’ll be doing raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, pomegranate, and beet, because why not?


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