Weekend Fun

Our weekends tend to be pretty full, but I never really write about them. Every once in awhile we get one of those really nice relaxing weekends where I spend hours nurse/napping with baby in our bed, reading the internet or a book on my kindle. Those are rare.

This weekend we drove the the Flagship REI on Friday night to get a new commuter for my wife (she had been saving up REI gift cards for about a year). She wanted a specific type of bike to put the baby seat on, so we had to go to this location to buy it. Saturday morning we pulled up carpet out of the baby’s room. We have been replacing the flooring in our condo, because the main areas were an AWFUL tile and we wanted something cleaner. A few months ago we did the living room, kitchen, and hallway. The new wood has been amazing. But we’ve been biding our time until we were prepared to do the next phase: bedrooms. So, this weekend we sucked it up and moved all the furniture out of the baby’s room (which is really more of an extra-large closet, since she doesn’t sleep in there). We pulled off the baseboard, pulled up the carpet, and pried up the tack strips. My wife ran to home depot to rent the chop saw and I laid the underlayment. Finally we were off and running laying floor. It took Saturday to clear it out and Sunday to install. This is a small room, so it was much easier than Phase 1. Now we just have to finish our bedroom/closet/hallway. After that, we’ll tackle baseboard and some of the door trim. And painting the awful DARK BROWN doors that are everywhere in the house. The previous owner went crazy with this dark brown stain and it is just atrocious. I cannot wait to be rid of it! Also, I found this super cute rug for baby’s room, but I think it might mean I need to paint over my modern grey paint job. Ideas? Find a new rug that matches the walls or suck it up and paint the walls AGAIN before we replace the trim? Also, ignore the light switch hanging out of the wall above the dog. It’s totally safe and up to code. The dimmer box just doesn’t fit back into the hole in the wall. :/


Between work tasks, we managed to get the bike seat and install it on the new commuter. It’s hilarious. I mean, the minimum weight requirement is 20 pounds, but hey, why not start at 14.5 pounds?? (Don’t answer that – I know why and I promise, we’re really only working on getting her acclimated to it – she’s not hitting the roads). She overall seems to like it. There is still a decent amount of head movement, especially if the bike sways side to side, so we have to be pretty controlled and steady in starts, stops, and pedaling. That’s okay – it’s really just for some fun loops around the parking lot until she gets a little bigger and stronger. Also, did you know they made helmets this small? Hilarious! As an aside, when I texted this photo to my mom, her response was “Her feet are going to get sunburned!?!?!” Leave it to grandma.


Lastly, after a few other chores, I finally got to bottle my kombucha. I’m attempting raspberry/lemon/ginger. I cannot WAIT to find out if it takes even remotely like it should. My first ferment went pretty well – I was surprised at how much it tasted like GT’s kombucha that you buy in stores. I’ll find out on Tuesday or Wednesday if this all worked out. Meanwhile, I started my SCOBY up with another round of tea for my second batch. I need more jars!!



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