Bottles and Pacifiers

Well, at 11 months (10 months adjusted age) we’re officially done with infant dishes, it seems. After almost a year of having this grey plastic bin next to the sink to catch all of the Dr. Brown’s parts and pacifiers, I’m putting it away and I feel sad about it. Our daughter quit the pacifier at about six months. She took it as a newborn in the NICU and we relied on it heavily in the car and when I wasn’t around through her first months. Eventually, she started getting angrier when you tried to pop it in, so it made things worse rather than better, I guess I am happy we won’t have to deal with weaning her later, but it’s still a little bit sad and I wish we had that easy soothing effect.

Our nanny told me this week that I don’t need to send the nipple/bottle parts to the bottles anymore, because she hasn’t taken the bottle for several weeks. I knew this was coming. Again, we started with the bottle from Day 1, though she’s always shown a strong preference for the boob. It worked moderately well for her to get some milk (never more than about 5 ounces…) while I was at work, but now she’s refusing it entirely. The nanny tries to get milk in through cereal, smoothies, and spoons, but it’s hit and miss. Again, I thought we would be able to get the comforting/nourishing benefit of the bottle for SEVERAL more months, but this kid does things her own way.

She continues to breast feed heavily when I pick her up at 3:00 and into the evening, so I know she’s still getting the benefit. It’s ironic to me that I have a strong supply and a kid who couldn’t care less. Unfortunately, she also hates EVERY kind of sippy cup, so we’re just working on regular cups or spoons. She does use a straw, so that’s a small win, but she prefers to just blow bubbles or suck it all up and dribble it down her front for fun.

I’ll be glad to put away the countertop clutter for now, but it’s hard to let go of all those tiny baby things, as many of you know well. Feeling kind of blue.


4 responses

  1. “…she prefers to just blow bubbles or suck it all up and dribble it down her front for fun.” Oh, if that ain’t the twins. Every. Single. Shirt. is nearly soaked each time we sit down to eat!

  2. I am so jealous. We’re almost TWO YEARS in on bottle washing and I am so totally over it. When the day comes, I am going to gleefully throw these bottles into a pit of fire and watch them melt into nothingness.

  3. Avery never really took the bottle, but we still have that counter top drying rack filled with a couple of bottles and sippy cups for the odd time I’m away. Avery has started to self wean from nursing, though, and I feel much the same. It’s pretty sad for me, and inconvenient to lose that comforting option. It is very sad when they reach new milestones like that that signal more independence and less reliance the comforts of babyhood. But alas, it has to happen some time…

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