Postpartum Periods

All right, mamas. I’m almost a YEAR postpartum. I have had 4-5 periods (starting at 8 weeks). I had quite a bit of damage to my vaginal wall during delivery with MANY, MANY stitches, but everything has pretty well healed up, according to the doctor.

Anyway, I come to you looking for recommendations. I seem to no longer be able to use tampons. They are extremely uncomfortable going in, I can’t seem to get them up far enough, they leak, they sometimes fall out, and it’s just a disaster.

I’ve used a Diva cup in the past, and I didn’t love it, but I would be willing to try again with a Dive Cup #2. My only other alternative seems to be pads. Boo.

Thoughts? Advice? Helpful hints?


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  1. Following.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have had three kids, all vaginal births with no tearing and I am having the same problem. Granted I just experienced my first pp period, but I couldn’t handle the tampon. Hoping time will change that or someone will have some answers.

  2. I am so following this. I have very similar issues with tampons now, but I am not willing to switch to pads. I’ve been considering trying a cup of some kind, but I really don’t know where to start.

  3. Following! No pp periods here yet, but I suspect I’ll have the same problem. There are cloth pads that you wash and reuse, but they have all the messiness of disposable pads and then some…

  4. I didn’t have this problem after kid number 1, but I think I will this time around because I’ve been having a hard time healing. If you try the Diva cup again, let us know your review. I never tried it before, but have used the Instead soft cups when TTC and found them to be pretty uncomfortable.

  5. No advice but OMG ME TOO and I had a c section! I’m looking into some of the different cups, other than diva. But I want to see what others say!!

  6. Following! I have not been able to use either the Keeper or Diva cup (post birth sizes). It’s such a bummer. I’ve had luck with the 7th Gen tampons with no applicator, but I really miss the cup. I’ve been considering the kegel ball weights to help get things back into shape.

    • I have no idea – I tend to avoid going to the OB as much as possible, given that I closely associate them with the whole reason I have this problem in the first place! 😀

      Good tip though!

  7. I don’t know how anti-pads you are, but cloth pads are the bomb. Granted, I’ve never been able to use tampons, so take that into consideration. But if you’re forced to use pads, cloth ones are super comfy and don’t dry out or chafe or lead to weird itchiness. Yeah, you have to rinse them and then wash them, but you get used to it. And then it’s cool to always have pads on hand and not have to run out to the store because you ran out.

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