Per usual, I have a bunch of things I would like to blog about (our daughter’s first birthday, our trip to San Antonio/Austin, our upcoming trip to the California coast, etc.) but today’s topic is a bit of a downer.

We’re officially categorized as RPL, or Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. This cycle, IUI #5, we got the positive home test at 13DPO (CBE Digital), and then a beta of 11 on 16 DPO. A quick snapshot of the statistics thus far:

Unmedicated IUI#1 – Nada
Unmedicated IUI#2 – Faint positive HPT around 15 & 16 DPO, 33 day cycle, but we didn’t make it in for beta tests before AF showed up.
Unmedicated IUI#3 – Nada
Medicated IUI#4 – Positive HPT, Betas at 130ish and 80ish. Natural miscarriage at 7ish weeks
Medicated IUI#5 – Positive HPT, 16 DPO Beta at 11…looking like a 31 day cycle (TBD).

For those counting, that’s 3 positives in 5 cycles. What the heck is going wrong?! We did genetic testing and chromosomal testing. The lining improved a lot on this last cycle.

We will try one more IUI cycle, but sadly we are going to be traveling to California for the next week, so we’ll miss the requisite follicle check around CD10 and have to wait until the following cycle to try again. After the IUI, we’re open to doing IVF (ooofta to the cost), but it’s hard to know whether it would be worth it since the problem seems to be MAINTAINING a pregnancy, not getting pregnant.

If anyone has any experience or insight, I’d love to hear it.

And one photo from San Antonio this week, because posts without photos are no fun:



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    • Yeah, we have been using the main clinic in Colorado for all of the cycles. She is on Levothyroxine to lower her TSH. I think that there is more to that story, and they’re kind of brushing past other potential thyroid issues. That was one of my first thoughts too.

      • Yeah. The recurrent and early make me think thyroid. It has been awhile since I looked into it, but since I’m basically destined to have thyroid issues (every woman, both sides of the fam) I was super worried at first. I hope they’re ready to take you seriously now. Is there someone who you can approach for a second opinion if they won’t?

      • I think we’re going to have a ($400ish) “regroup” with the RE after our second beta. I’m super curious to ask him about thyroid or blood clotting issues. Unfortunately, due to my insurance, unless we want to continue paying out of pocket, we have to work with this clinic. There are lots of doctors, but it’s a little mysterious about who is actually making decisions – very Wizard of Oz man-behind the curtain…we get orders from nurses after they consult with “doctors.”

  1. I’m sorry it’s been such a roller-coaster and you still don’t have real answers as to what’s going wrong… I hope her superior ability to get pregnant is able to pay off for you guys soon with a sticky one. These must be hard times and I hope you are able to keep up hope.

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