TTC#2 Update

Well our journey continues on the TTC#2 path, and we’re exhausted. We’ve now done 6 rounds of IUI on my wife, and we had three faint positives that resulted in early miscarriage.

Try #6 felt particularly insulting, because we basically threw the kitchen sink at it. She was on Estrace, baby aspirin, clomid, ovidrel, then progesterone, prednisone, claritin, and prevacid after ovulation. She had four beautiful follicles ripe, and not one of them stuck around. We were pretty optimistic. Honestly, I think we inseminated late. We normally inseminate around CD 14, but this time they had us wait until CD 16. She felt like she ovulated CD 15, and I think she was right.

We planned to turn to IVF next, hopefully just using one of our last four vials. However, my wife has to go to China for work in early October. This means that we would have to sit out the September cycle due to travel timing, then do a “priming” cycle in October, and then hopefully an egg retrieval in November. I have never heard of a priming cycle, but it sounds like it is a cycle to let your body rest and reset. They said that my wife would just take a round of birth control, because all of her hormone levels are normal, so they wouldn’t supplement/stimulate. I don’t know – this is obnoxious to me, because why would we waste a cycle to “rest,” but that’s why these guys are paid the big bucks, I guess.

We’re both disinclined to take a whole cycle off before the resting cycle. So, we’re pushing through one more IUI. This will leave one vial for IVF, and two vials for a desperate attempt at TTC#3 (me) if we decide we want to go that route. If those two vials don’t work, I can hopefully transfer one of her frozen embryos and reciprocal IVF for #3. If IVF doesn’t work for her, we will just switch back to me and hopefully end up with two kids.

If we had not been teased by the three early positives, I don’t think we’d try another IUI. But it feels like we’ve just gotten SO CLOSE to success that we can try one more time. If we run out of vials of our donor, we can always look at Plan B and choose another donor for #3, if we ultimately want a third.

Money is a whole nother story. We’ve been paying out of pocket for all of my wife’s IUI’s. My IUI’s (two years ago) were partially covered through my insurance, and we put her onto my insurance before #6, but it was just too late to get the referral and provide coverage for that round. IVF, however, is not covered, and we will need to finance it. The estimate we got from our clinic is $31,000, including meds. This is not surprising to me. We don’t have that kind of cash laying around, so we hope to get a short-term personal loan. Anyone have experience with this, or any advice?

So we trudge onward. We’re going to try the same things we tried last time – hoping for another four healthy follicles to crop up. If this cycle worked, we’d be looking at a June baby, putting the kids exactly two years apart. That would be absolutely ideal in my mind. Unfortunately we’re nearing the point where the kids could be three years apart in school, with a June birthday and a possible August/September birthday. I’m really hoping we can avoid that, but it doesn’t seem too likely. I know, this is a silly small thing to focus on, but it matters to me.

In other news, we enjoyed a music festival this weekend. Despite the photos, I swear that our daughter wore clothes most of the time! It was pretty hot, so she enjoyed having a personal “pool” at our blanket/tent. 🙂






6 responses

  1. Oof, TTC is never easy, is it? I’ve heard about the rest cycle before from other bloggers who have done IVF, but I don’t know much more than you.
    Aah, she’s getting so big! And who needs clothes. Babyhood is one of the few times you can be naked in public and not get arrested.

  2. I had to do a rest cycle before my IVF, too. Annoying, but IVF worked out well, so maybe they’re onto something. As for the cost, I borrowed from my 401k. It’s a 5 year loan and I’m paying the interest to myself, so it was our best (least expensive) option. That said, $31,000 seems rather high to me for a single round of IVF.

  3. Good luck for this next try! We’re on our 6th IUI, including a very early miscarriage, and it’s such an emotional and exhausting process. Fingers crossed that this is the one and you don’t have to go on to IVF!

  4. We are trying for our first… I just started stims for my IVF cycle (after 10 failed IUIs over the past two years)! We didn’t do a priming cycle, but did take a cycle off between our last IUI and starting stims to get a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy done and they also did another HSG since my last one was almost a year ago. I’m not sure where you are, but the clinic I go to is in NY and had some of the lowest costs for IVF… the founders mission is to make it affordable for everyone to have a baby. They get a ton of travel patients who monitor out of town and then travel there for retrieval and transfer… The clinic is called CNY Fertility and they have all of their self pay prices listed on their website. And they also offer payment plans. If you end up having to go to IVF and want any more info about them let me know! Good luck!

  5. Wow, she’s so big! Adorable pics, and awesome idea for a personal pool. Fingers crossed for your next IUI, or for IVF. I feel like you guys are sooo close to making baby #2 now.

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