Hello. I love to hike, ski, camp, run, bicycle, and play outside. I grew up in Colorado, went to college in New York, lived in (and loved) Boston for a handful of months, went to grad school in Oregon, moved to San Diego for two years, and ended up in Colorado again in February 2015. We are never moving again, unless it’s across town. I work where higher education and the law intersect. I also love to cook, read, knit, and pretend I know how to play the banjo.


N is my smart, beautiful, generous, and exhaustingly motivated partner. She swims, bikes, and runs All. The. Time. She enjoys competing in half and full ironman races. She also enjoys eating my cooking (so she says), learning, and reading about endurance sports. She works in urban planning.

We met at a coffee shop on a rainy Sunday afternoon while we were both living in Oregon. It was love at first sight. We got married on New Years Eve 2013 in San Diego, California.

We have two dogs. New (male) loves to play fetch (preferably in the water) more than life itself. Nora (female) is a force to be reckoned with who plays hard and snuggles harder.

Why “Blooming Orchard?” I named the blog soon after we moved into the city, and quite frankly, all I could think about were trees, fields, clean air, peace and quiet, garden, orchards, and blooms. Living in a city makes one appreciate the simple joys of nature. We are back in a slightly more rural setting now, but I still like the idea of blooming orchards.

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