Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

My sporty-spice lady won another triathlon this weekend. She would have me clarify that she actually won her age group, and that several older, more experienced ladies finished before she did. However, I think it’s pretty notable that she finished about TWENTY minutes before anyone else in the 25-29 age bracket. She was 6th place overall, and I guess that’s pretty good. Luckily for her, I was able to document the event with my extraordinary photography skillz.

Let me know if you would like me to shoot your next event.

Let me know if you would like me to shoot your next event.

When we lived in Oregon, she won her age group in many triathlons. However, competition was not nearly as steep – in quality or quantity. So, she trained sort of halfheartedly (that would mean exercising for about as many hours each week as most of us spend sleeping), and brought home blue ribbons like they were as easy to come by as promotional materials from the Jehova’s Witnesses. In California, specifically San Diego, there are many more fitness maniacs with too much time on their hands and waaay to much money to spend. Seriously, do you know how much those bikes cost? I know they have carbon frames and are lighter than a helium-filled balloon, but they could buy 5,000 donuts instead! Fancy donuts, no less!

That is the face of determination. Or confusion. Hard to tell.

That is the face of determination. Or confusion. Hard to tell. In the background: zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, more rich housewives in So Cal who want to prove themselves to be the BEST exercisers meant that N needed to train eight days a week instead of seven. But she did! And it paid off! In the form of a brand new pint glass. Well, it would have if we had stuck around for the awards ceremony. And I totally would have loved that photo of her and her gangly limbs in her spandex unitard (I’m sure they have a technical name) on top of the podium, but Winner was HUNGRY. The triathlon organizers apparently neglected the fact that not every athlete coming off the course would want to sink their teeth into some charred cow. But if I’ve learned one thing in my relationship, it is to make sure that when Winner has low blood sugar, FEED HER. So, since she had just swam, cycled, and run across the county, we made a fast break for veggie burgers and fries. They did the trick. And now she is brainstorming ways to squeeze more training time into her schedule before the next race on September 7th. Because resting is silly. Finish Line